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the doctor said Feng brain stem injury

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Crash site difficult terrain. This i <a href="http://bronestlyonnais.fr/spip.php?article29">http://bronestlyonnais.fr/spip.php?article29</a> s the last year in December, Pingwu Fei (left) led the photo the reporter <a href="http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4022">http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4022</a>  when climbing stairs. month ago.
Core Tip
Foolish Old Man in trouble! When the January 8 pm, Yiyang farmers  accompany media reporters went to him fought for eight years "diversion" project interview, unf <a href="http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1">http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1</a> ortunately falling cliffs, dying. As of last night, Feng Wufei still Luoyang intensive care unit of a hospital for emergency treatment, the doctor said Feng brain stem injury, multiple skull fractures, "any time of danger."
December 3 last year, the newspaper as "a peasant" diversion "project", reported the Yiyang County Pingwu Fei Lin Township Shapotou village touching story. The illiterate peasants single-handedly, took eight years to nearly acres of arable land built a small water reservoir, 500 meters  <a href="http://www.davidmurry.com/class.php">louboutin soldes pas cher</a> cliffs canal, 2.5 kilometers of underground pipes and a cellar. National reports have caused readers' attention, Feng Wufei also frequent interviews with the media.
□ correspondent Wen Du Xiaowei Zhu Zhangzhen Figure
To tie in with the reporter interviewed the mountain that day windy, icy road
Pingwu Fei's son Liang Huiwu yesterday recalled to reporters on the phone after the trouble. Jan. 8 morning, Feng Wufei Luoyang, a media reporter received a telephone interview. Liangkuai Wu father had strongly opposed the mountains, because the day of Yiyang mountain wind reached six, "icy mountain, the mountain must be very dangerous."
Feng Wufei then declined each other,http://bronestlyonnais.fr/spip.php?article29, tell them for fear of the cold, exposed pipes in the wild already demolished, what can not see the mountain. At noon, Feng Wufei who again received calls from reporters,http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4022, saying only look at the mountains, take some profile photos,http://www.chrisadamsperfumes.com/index.php?item/create_form/1,louboutin soldes pas cher, and other spring,scarpe hoga <a href="http://sonnino.sp.unipi.it/index.php?page=biografia">scarpe hogan</a> n, with the start pouring.
A few hours later, Feng Wufei shouted Liangkuai Wu mountain, said, "reporter has come,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001058214.html, we stay up and see."
14:50 Xu, Pingwu Fei and Liang Huiwu with reporters his party a total of five people up the mountain. Like the past, when every interview with Feng Wufei has been at the forefront.
Line to the bottom of water sources and water pipes interface, the Ping Wufei stopped, which is a near-vertical cliffs, Feng Wufei chisel construction project had several steps above, who wishes to go up or pulled next thorns, either by pulling or pushing people in the bottom at the top. Stairs very narrow, only sideways upward climb, and next steps are tens of meters deep major groove.
 said that most worried father "is the reporter's safety," they have climbed the stairs to help a photographer also climbed up. Subsequently, Feng Wufei left ready to help one other text reporter and the driver climbed the stairs, he  said:. "You both advanced mountain, they pull me up."
This is the day, is now Pingwu Fei said the last word.
Liangkuai Wu accompany photographers up after struggling to walk in the gutter next to a depth of about 50 meters of the cliff, on the road with thick ice, every step must be careful,, "for fear of accidentally slide down, that would have been dead." .
Under  safe arrival and photojournalist water sources waterfall, photographers began to press the shutter, but only two or three rings,  they suddenly heard cries for help coming downstream.
"Because of the wind, I did not quite know what to shout, but it is certainly a thing, the tone is not the same." Liangkuai Wu quickly walked back toward the cliffs next to see, "Andie flood lying under the cliff where,nike tn pas cher, motionless my brain hum look, thought over. "
Cliff has been unconscious after falling deep, multiple skull fractures
Liang Huiwu aside to let reporters call emergency telephone, while fast rushed cliff. When he arrived at the father lying place to see father closed his eyes, mouth, ears constantly out Maoxue next piece on the sharp stones, dipped two fingers belly the size of a piece of skull, "it has been frozen in stone of."
Liangkuai Wu took off his jacket covered in blood Pingwu Fei will hold in his arms, then came the reporter hand over <a href="http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001058214.html">http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001058214.html</a>  his mouth constantly out Maoxue ear. 120 ambulances and firefighters rushed to the scene emergency center has, with the help of the villagers,woolrich outlet,  be quickly sent to the county hospital. Because seriously, night Feng Wufei were immediately transferred to a hospital in Luoyang.
"First in the emergency room made throat cut tube surgery, the operating room about 21:00 until 12:00 more doctors to come out, I went to see him still unconscious, blood transfusion has been ......"  daughter Feng Xihong crying on the phone told reporters.
Yesterday afternoon,  Zhuzhidafu told reporters: "(his injury) is very heavy, very heavy." According to reports, not yet out of danger  "brain stem injury, multiple comminuted fracture of the skull."
Family difficulties borrowing Help
Feng Xi Hung told reporters, in order to treat his father, they borrowed a neighbor 10,http://237.newfine.net/home.php?mod=spacecp
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