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converse cuir homme if carefully examined

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"You ask me how many  <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/oakley-lunette-de-vue/">oakley lunette de vue</a> cases of dry, which I remember ah! Anyway,oakley lunette de vue, we w <a href="http://www.bostongreenalliance.com/category/nike-store-espana/">nike store españa</a> ere 600 yuan per person per day must ensure that the drug money!" March 17 Luyuan Changchun City Public Security Bureau of Interpol in the area of responsibility of a team, so th <a href="http://www.aepgrenoble.fr/giuseppe-zanotti-sneakers/">giuseppe zanotti sneakers</a> e suspect Dubai Gang answer police interrogation after he answered suddenly laughed, and afterwards he explains this answer even he felt ridiculous. According to police investigation,nike store españa, they commit a crime in the seven months since hundreds, almost see what what to steal, it is no wonder he can not remember how many cases of stealing in the end.

7 phone is stolen

Camera caught the thieves figure

Arou <a href="http://www.forexinsieme.it/moncler-vendita/">moncler vendita</a> nd at 16:00 on February 27, a logistics company employees to Green Park Green Park area of responsibility of the Public Security Bureau of Interpol,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, a squadron reported: They put the car lost a box of goods, verified memory box placed seven mobile phones and some accessories, worth more than 13,moncler vendita,000 yuan.

Hao strong police captain and logistics companies while viewing the surveillance video showed the same day 8:35, a man appeared in front of the car, picked up the box and ran away after he Lakaichemen fast. Hao Qiang said: "As the vehicle blocking the line of sight of the camera, we do not see the man's face,gioielli tiffany, after stealing things finished,parajumpers kodiak, the car alarm went off,louboutin homme, the logistics company's drivers to come out, did not conduct a detailed examination of the car, just heavy door shut for a moment on the back. At that time the suspect has n <a href="http://www.parcovesuvio.it/gioielli-tiffany/">gioielli tiffany</a> ot run far, if carefully examined, promptly chased the suspects should not escape. "

Thieves pull both traffickers received stolen goods

Just steal two sacks of winning caps

After the incident, the police began an investigation group visited. March 15 road police in Qingdao visited learned second-hand mobile phone market, after the incident, a man once called Tao here sold at low prices through five stolen mobile phone,peuterey donna roma, find Tao's wife, she said with Yang Tao are divorce, been a long time no contact.

March 16, the police will arrest Yang Tao, a hotel in Xi'an Road Tao behind the new girlfriend of residence found two stolen mobile phone, while police also found the memory in this room stood over 10 cardboard boxes, which stood mainframe computer and various accessories,cappelli los angeles, high-end cosmetics, various types of printers, vacuum cleaners, car audio accessories and other items. After interrogation, Yang Tao confessed these things is simply not him, are thousands of miles away and from the "big just" bought the hands of ultra-low price.

March 17 afternoon, police in Chaoyang bridge will drive thousands of miles and the nickname "Big Gang," the 杜百刚 captured, coincidentally, the two men had just finished the implementation of theft, the stealing two sacks thing is winning beer bottle.

Theft means

First, keep in Changchun Station Science City, Hongqi Street, Europe and Asia are,comprar converse, Dongfeng Street, shopping malls and other large Eurasian car 100 purchase mouth, whenever there are vans came,moncler homme, they must take when workers do not pay attention to take the cargo and ran into the box from the cargo;

The second is on the road to find the accident scene, the two sides take advantage of the incident to solve the problem of theft of effort to open the door;

Third, keep in the more remote areas, there is a taxi driver to stop if it is convenient,cinture armani, two of them took the oppo <a href="http://www.erikoislukiot.com/category/parajumpers-kodiak/">parajumpers kodiak</a> rtunity came up to open the door, take the money and ran.

The "principle" to see what what to steal enough drugs on the line

During the interrogation,air max bw, Dubai Gang mentioned one word: principle!杜百刚 to the police, said: "we were stealing it can be said that there is no selectivity, basically to see what what means, because we have to ensure both receive 600 dollars per person per day in the fence that regard, both of us were talking about. human principles. Tao is a closed cell phone before, but then did not take long to follow us rich,rayban occhiali da sole, it is because we were to sell him something, the highest price was 1,peuterey torino,200 yuan. "

Indeed,louis vuitton lunette de soleil, the fact that as Dubai Gang said,swarovski collane, the police investigators: "We understand that the two stole luxury brand cosmetics box, a box worth 37,000 yuan; that's seven mobile phone worth 13,hollister pas cher,000 yuan; a box of electronic pen is worth at least 3,000 yuan ; various laser printers also have the cheapest 7000 yuan, can no matter how expensive they are selling 1200 yuan things, because this money is just one day they drug costs. "

asked Dec 29, 2015 by anonymous

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