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golden goose femme although the elderly living environment is not hot

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China Jiangsu Network August 14 (Reporter breeze text / Chart) she was o <a href="http://www.solubat33.fr/baskets-asics-pas-cher/">baskets asics pas cher</a> nce a "Yangzhou beauty <a href="http://www.innovation-rouen.fr/tag/louboutin-passion/">louboutin passion</a> ", because of a love frustration,baskets asics pas cher, she started different from ordinary people. Forty years ago, despite her retain his family, moved to the edge of the ancient canal "islands" on a small wood <a href="http://www.impresazardo.it/peuterey-bambino/">peuterey bambino</a> s, he started a person's life. Yesterday, this reporter braved the heat,louboutin passion, came to the old man, thin old man visited the stories behind them.


[Users] the elderly living alone rebellion woods, do not speak do not accept charity


At 14:45 on August 12, microblogging users, "Zhang I 1015", he said: "Once riding in nearby Evian city he found an old man living in the woods, in the morning and the evening every day to t <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/cinture-milano/">cinture milano</a> urn trash food, my grandmother does not speak with people,peuterey bambino, do not accept charity, good-hearted people to eat around on the ground to let her pick up ...... "

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"How grandmother,moncler prezzi scontati, and there have not received any stimulus " Microblogging issued later,moncler uomo, soon to be the concern of many users. In order to understand the living conditions of the elderly, yesterday morning, reporters braved the heat, came to the Yangtze River Road looking elderly home.


"This old man,maglie calcio, we usually all call her an old maid, lived on the east side of the river Xinyuan sunshine." Under the guidance of local residents, reporters finally found New Garden located on the east side of the sun (Bucheon 瑞园东 side) slopes old people's home.


[Reporter] visits objectionable strange men, the elderly who Tiecha "self-defense"


Several trees on the slope long towering trees, particularly cool under the tree. Reporters noted that, although the elderly living environme <a href="http://www.yachtsnet.it/moncler-prezzi-scontati/">moncler prezzi scontati</a> nt is not hot,chaussures converse, but the flies flying around everywhere, health worrying. In the west of the small woods east and other places,cinture burberry, the reporter found that there are three or four with dirt and sticks and other materials, a small brick house. Each small house small footprint, but it can accommodate one person to sleep. These three or four "little house", which is the old man a place to sleep  When the reporter observed in the bow, a voice came from behind the elderly. Reporter turned to look, a gray-haired old man was standing handheld Tiecha behind. "I came to see your recent life been " Asked the reporter. "None of your business " The old man armed with Tiecha, put attack posture, wishing reporters off. Reporters noted that, while the elderly speak a bit strange, but the body is relatively clean clothes. Elderly strong vigilance, reporters went, the old man followed. Helpless,tiffany anelli solitari, the reporter had to leave until reporters away, the old talent back to the woods.


"A woman can be close to her, but not men!" Nearby residents told reporters that the reason why the old man would not let reporters near, mainly because of the strange old men more offensive.

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Young emotional frustration, mental abnormalities


Why old people called "old maid"  Why the sight of strange men on a wary look like  In the name of the old man in the end the story of what happened  Reporters have launched an investigation.


"But local famous beauty before she" security-rich Chuanrui Park told reporters that he has been doing security work in the community for many years, ever since he came here to work, the old man lived in a small woods. He heard people say that the old man had been pretty young, is a name of beauty. As to why the old man insane, the guard said the master, to ask some of these older elderly.


"She is frustrated marriage only now come to the point." Yangzi Tianjin farms in doing business LiuLaoTai told reporters, "old maid" a young man talked about a boyfriend, then do not know wh <a href="http://www.achiamata.it/moncler-uomo/">moncler uomo</a> at broke up. Family has repeatedly introduced her boyfriend, but she was eleven have been refused. "Later, she would never get married,scarpe hogan originali, and then later, her spirit there is a problem. Forty years ago, the old man despite opposition from his family, a man moved to the woods to live." LiuLaoTai saying, get confirmed by a number of local elderly.


[Love pass] neighbor food "disguised" as garbage sent to the elderly


So many years, the old man is how to live it down  "She usually picking up trash to eat, others eat directly send things to her, she is not." Sunshine Xinyuan Wang, who lives north of the old man told reporters that the high vigilance of the elderly,louboutin pas cher femme, fear that other people send food in toxic, so Never accept charity. In order to allow the elderly have food to eat, a lot of people would deliberately bread, fritters and other foods in the bowl, "makeup" into the trash,giuseppe zanotti femme, placed next to the trash. After seeing the elderly, picking up litter not directly edible food back to the woods. In this way, people's love, has been in the local convey the elderly will have been alive and healthy. Elderly hardship, many residents joined the "pass love action", and all this, the old man totally unaware. The reporter learned that the old man had a younger brother, lived in the neighborhood, but the reporter has not been found.


[Community] saying,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, "We always had someone to care for the elderly."

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It is understood that the old man surnamed Xiao, 68-year-old, high school education level. Probably around 1960, grandmother moved out of the house, to live in the woods now, until now at least forty years of.


"We always had someone to care for the elderly." Branch River Street Bridge community committees staff told reporters that the spirit of the old man a little problem, in addition to a number of acquaintances can be close to her child, in general, no one close to her. Usually, the old man to scavengers. In order to protect the lives of the elderly,dior lunette de vue, they often send people to bring food and use, help the elderly. "The old man actually has a house nearby,moncler uomo, but she is not willing to live." Staff said they would continue to focus on the following life of the elderly,chapeau chicago bulls, and never let the old man by the "wronged."

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Original title: young emotional frustration mental abnormality "Yangzhou Beauty" Alone jungle 40 years

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