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"I did not <a href="http://www.liberaveneto.it">piumini woolrich</a>  expect such a heavy hand."
1800 yuan wage ar <a href="http://www.lacantinadei100gusti.it">Tiffany Gioielli</a> rears retaliation killed three people tried to cry
Because wages are owed 1800 yuan,piu <a href="http://ohh.sisos.co.jp/cgi-bin/openhh/search.cgi">eS4aXjTG6Y</a> mini woolrich, Liu tried to retaliate with an iron bar to the boss's father and uncle killed, the fear of getting caught and then turn a living of workers killed. This morning, Liu suspicion of intentional homicide in the hospital for a trial.
10:30,Tiffany Gioielli, Liu rubbing slow pace being brought into the courtroom.  <a href="http://www.kobaaki.com/diary202/diary/diary.cgi">zjOwanXTQp</a> He said his ears were broken,eS4aXjTG6Y, and ask the judge to speak "louder." When listened to the prosecutor questioning, Liu also unearthed the body forward, trying to hear the questioning.
It is alleged that 57-year-old Liu workers because of dissatisfaction with Lee Xingmou meaning sky revenge killings.
At 0:00 on April 17th, 2012, Liu Changping green tent in a site drilling platform, while Xingmou, Lee sleeping machine, holding an iron bar has repeatedly hit Xingmou, Lee head. Song was awakened living, Song will denounce their own fear, and holding an iron bar repeatedly punched Song head, eventually Xingmou, Lee and Song head <a href="http://www.ipercallegarocaliper.it">woolrich outlet</a>  injury due to acne.
At the beginning of the trial, prosecutors accused Liu admitted. "They bully me!" When it comes to the causes of things Liu, his voice is very aggrieved. He said he hired to Changping site wells for others: "to say good wages once a day, every day 100 yuan, as well as ten dollars for food but then I managed to borrow them,zjOwanXTQp,woolrich outlet, they do not give ......!"
Drilling work lasted a total of ten days,8S1z4We350, Liu has not been able to get their wages. Just before the drilling end of the day, Liu has been a worker Xingmou and Lee "rectification."
According to Liu said,P8mi2uIyVc, is to hire their own well-digging Xingmou boss's father, Lee is the owner's uncle. To wage feeling hopeless,oQCYg7Djty, wondering how he lay in bed at night with Lee Xingmou revenge, "singles who I play, however,spaccio woolrich, only a few people fall asleep while later, a chance to teach them."
Day of the incident,sLh178kLWD, Liu took a drilling from the outside with an iron bar, and Lee has head towards Xingmou hit, they did not come out repeatedly been "resolved" out.
Later,canada goose, living in tents Song wells was awakened when Liu Song Mouping thought to myself, "bad",PoPJCjBRGW, often organize their work more,BwtB9FK9Ou, then picked up an iron bar, also the head of Song beat down . After the incident, Liu fled after t <a href="http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form
asked Dec 31, 2015 by anonymous

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