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January 29January 29

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Arts exam candidates to buy a wide variety of tools
Jimo, a high school st <a href="http://www.backtothetrees.fr">roshe run pas cher</a> udent Li Qi in the mood now is not easy, "Arts test  <a href="http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/shasinyasan/4907822078209.html">http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/shasinyasan/4907822078209.html</a> starts in February,roshe run pas cher, I was director of professional candidates, this time I want to apply for more than 20 colleges and universities, and some test sites in Qingdao, Weifang and Ji <a href="http://www.smplayer.fr/">doudoune moncler</a> nan some want to go test. "Candidates who address him in February is" test month. " January 29, candidates Xiao Song to reporters calculations account Arts test,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/shasinyasan/4907822078209.html, "not pre-investment study, only half of February down to take the exam, you have to spend five or six million."
Examination on the road is not an exam
Reporters learned from the provincial hospital to recruit, February 2, 2012 in Shandong Province Arts exam exam will be officially opened the curtain, th <a href="http://www.associazionelaconchiglia.it">air max pas cher</a> e vast majority of colleges and universities can be in February 17 end of the test, while the Central Academy of Fine Arts and a few other institutions test time from March 3 begins. This year the province continue to set up four test sites in Jinan,doudoune moncler, Qingdao,air max pas cher,http://www.als-net.com/cgi-bin/keijiban/als-keijiban.cgi, Zibo, Weifang, enrollment in colleges and universities can only choose one test sites for a second professional examination. Four test sites in Weifang test center has 154 colleges and universities outside the province set point exam, more than 30 more than last year, the province is still the largest test sites; Zibo, about 116 colleges and universities set point; Jinan school exam school test sites including Sichuan province University, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing University, more than 70; a total of 39 colleges and universities in Qingdao test sites,http://www.gakkai.ne.jp/jses/2013/06/27192656.php, although fewer in number, but also include the Nankai University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and othe <a href="http://www.als-net.com/cgi-bin/keijiban/als-keijiban.cgi">http://www.als-net.com/cgi-bin/keijiban/als-keijiban.cgi</a> r schools and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and other established arts institutions .
Qingdao common entrance art professional test registration will begin on January 31, 39 foreign universities to green colleges and universities, the first to accept the registration of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, the time for the January 31 to February 1, place in the mall small hall. Independent test organizations arts school in the province institutions,air max 90 pas cher, some professional Shandong Academy of Fine Arts Arts exam scheduled on the first day, that is, on February 2 the opening test, site registration work from January 31 officially launched, test centers located in Jinan; Qingdao University of Arts exam time was February 13; Qingdao University art exam was scheduled for the February 9 to 12; Qingdao Agricultural University Arts exam time for February 16, China Ocean University Musical Exam time is 16 to 17 February.
College admissions February opening test
January 29, one of the arts candidates Jimo Li Qi told reporters: "very intensive exam in February, almost every day,louboutin pas cher, I was sent a status on their personal space - to February, do not ask me right away, I'm not in the exam, the exam is a way. "
After the Spring Festival, is not only the beginning of lianzhouzhuan Arts candidates, many ordinary college entrance examination candidates will also drop points promotions run around. "NATO", "WTO" will also open test on February 11, "Excellence Alliance" written examination scheduled for the February 12, "the Five College Consortium Kyoto," the written test time is February 19th. In addition, some self-enrollment schools test will also open a separate test,http://www.webloop.info, such as Fudan University "thousand points test" will be held on February 5, Xi'an Jiaotong University,http://www.clarityenglish.com/englishonline/index.php?item/create_form/1, junior class retest time of 24 to 26 February.
Independent Colleges Admissions Test in Qingdao will also be scheduled in February, China University of Petroleum (East Campus) written test time is February 12, interview time was 26 February. China Ocean University independent enrollment in non-English majors at Qingdao test sit <a href="http://www.gakkai.ne.jp/jses/2013/06/27192656.php">http://www.gakkai.ne.jp/jses/2013/06/27192656.php</a> es for the test time February 11 to 12, an English major test time is 25 to 26 February.
Spend five or six million normal
Exam approaching, many candidates ahead of the exam started buying appliances, January 29 at noon, in the vicinity of Qingdao sixth middle school art appliances shops, thronged to buy paint, brushes candidates, the boss told reporters that a few days The business is a lot better than usual.
Xiao Song told reporters: "Tomorrow I'm going to take the exam in Hangzhou China Academy of Fine Arts, I followed the tour, travel expenses, registration fees, accommodation fees,http://www.caribbeanislands.us, all costs add up to four days and then I'm going to need nearly five thousand dollars. Beijing to participate in training, prestigious Academy students a one-hour training price is seven hundred yuan, plus room and board in Beijing, spent sixty thousand dollars in February all get down, if you really do not care about spending money can be said that there is no upper limit in. I reported little school,http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4015, six, each school registration fee is about $ 200 thousand yuan spent enrollment needs. "
Not spent the last province to take the exam later, the four test sites in the province to take the exam costs are around two million. Small Qingdao sixth high school, told reporters that most art students will apply for nearly twenty colleges and universities to increase the hit rate, "Weifang exam test sites are better schools, many students reported directly located in Weifang test centers and universities,http://drupaleducation.com/book/city-can-cattle-it, by teacher arrangement, which is half the cost of the exam nine thousand two hundred yuan, not including registration fee, if the parents go to accompany test, have to spend a more than twenty thousand dollars. "
Text / Chart reporter Wang Rong
(Source: Peninsula Network - Urban Economic Journal)
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