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Fans like Cecilia Cheung's girlfriend for her in 2

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my home is a northern Jiangsu rural areas, home living cond <a href="http://www.resroma.it">hogan outlet online</a> itions are not good, in  <a href="http://www.polisportivafava.it">hogan sito ufficiale</a> order to learn, I have not talked about love before college. Big three that year I met and my fellow Nan Nan. We all do the music, I lea <a href="http://www.chez-julio.fr">canada goose femmes</a> rn the piano, she studies vocal music. Because often participate in school performance, I often do her piano accompaniment, the seeds of love in the US for many, many years to come, the heart of the budding. Nan Nan is 1.68 meters tall,hogan outlet online, a little bit like Cecilia Cheung.

 - no money, my first girlfriend changed h <a href="http://www.chez-julio.fr">canada goose pas cher</a> eart

 when I see the white haired old couple walking together, my heart will be filled with envy, I loved more than once, every time I want to each other and said of a couple, however in the face of the cruel reality, I am disappointed again and again.

 he loved 3 times,hogan sito ufficiale, every time they really put into,canada goose femmes, but each time the flowers of love in the reality of the wind and rain in frustration. He is very sad, but also very confused, and even some despair. He said: "I do not know how to talk about my things, from college to now I have a total of three feelings, but I do not know why, the outcome can not es <a href="http://www.marranzanoworldfestival.it">hogan outlet roma</a> cape the fate of breaking up."

 Nan Nan left I have been working hard at home, desperately to make money during the day, night to teach the piano cafe,canada goose pas cher, raise tuition for her. I graduated from university in 1999, after graduating from a university in Fujian for a year, because wages are low, and later went to Tibet, because there is a high salary. But Nan Nan about 100000 year abroad study, the cost of living alone, my salary and her family support is not enough, I often feel stretched,hogan outlet roma, but I don't have to complain about Nan Nan. At that time, I put all my heart in the future...... For her, I borrow money, home, friends, colleagues,sac goyard pas cher, classmates money borrowed,goyard paris, to her college graduation, I owe a debt of 260 thousand. In fact, many of the hard work I am not afraid,woolrich outlet, the only thing I did not expect is that she would have to break up with me.

 Nan Nan just went abroad when our relationship has been very good. A girl in a foreign country will feel lonely, I often write to her, call. Who knows later her thoughts slowly changed, before we were together when she was a solemn pledge of love fade away.

 University of love is more simple,woolrich parka outlet, then we get along very harmonious, there is no dispute. I love her and she loves me too. But we never crossed the bottom line, because I respect her. We are the most in the campus holding hands, kissing.

 in the face of graduate choice, we have no contradiction. At that time, we are both yo <a href="http://www.sangodesigngrafik.fr">sac goyard pas cher</a> ung and ambitious,air max soldes, Nan Nan said she wanted to study abroad, I am very supportive. But the situation at that time only allowed us to go out one,chaussure tn pas cher, and the other was working in the country. I made the sacrifice,hogan outlet online, because I love her, I also believe that she will come back, we say, she came back after we take root in Kaifeng,woolrich outlet, as our second home,goyard pas cher, and so everything is stable,piumini moncler outlet, we will get married. But she has not happened.

 is near graduation, she often.
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asked Jan 1, 2016 by anonymous

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