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brick sidewalks have been crushed pieces.

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Firefighters were  <a href="http://www.artmuseums.go.jp">Allegedly because organic cat</a> at the scene for  <a href="http://www.top-black-jack.fr">roshe run femme pas cher</a> rescue. The picture shows the fire department for accident cement mixer,Allegedly because organic cat. Reporters Sun Xiaojuan photo
Pubei newspaper (Reporter <a href="http://www.wbi360.com/plus/view.php?aid=14056899">his bad heart</a>  Sun Xiaojuan) Dec. 23 at 4 pm, in Pubei county real estate next to a construction site, a car parked near the construction of openings suddenly slipped cement mixer truck,roshe run femme pas cher,his bad heart, under the unmanned state , rushed down the steep side of the road, plunged headlong into t <a href="http://www.oa979.com/news/html/?2107047.html">of people have been very dangerous</a> he next slope houses, causing houses to collapse,of people have been very dangerous, the room a man was killed.
Scene in Pubei county Carp Ridge, next to the construction of a commercial district. When reporters arrived at 24 pm,Looking to buy a wireless microphones in UK, the accident cement mixer has been lifted, the traffic police department is organizing technical personnel were identified.
According to a traffic police before the incident, cement mixer car, parked at the mouth of the channel housing construction site. From 22 pm the car when stopped three or four to the premises until about at 4:00 on the 23rd, suddenly began to slip move. Because there is a ramp, when the car slipped forward, hit a parked private car, then chang <a href="http://www.vfxjournal.net/blog/item/create_form/1">Looking to buy a wireless microphones in UK</a> e direction to the left onto the sidewalk,78 years after high school gr, in the destroyed fence cement slope,you gave me 2, and a hit a private house collapsed under the slope , resulting in the room an elderly died. Reporters saw on the ground also left significant rut, brick sidewalks have been crushed pieces.
In the scene of Poe, dirge bursts, ruins, the families of the elderly set off from the hall for the elderly. Old nephew of Mr. Han told reporters that he lived in the other buildings houses more than ten meters. Time of the incident he was a dream,woolrich sito ufficiale, "bang" a loud noise woke him. He went downstairs to view, and saw his uncle lived in the old house has collapsed, a cement mixer in the front, inserted into the back wall of the house. A few minutes later, nearby residents have heard this came, two patrol team rushed to the scene on a motorcycle. Everyone wanted to rescue the elderly hands, but because the site is unknown, to prevent the vehicle continues pediment assault, the patrol team asked us to wait for the fire and rescue.
Pubei County Fire Brigade received a report,is to raise money, quickly dispatched seventy-eight fire brigade rushed to the scene to save people dug ruins. When they dug the old man's bed according to relatives who say the location, but found the old man is not in bed. Old man has two children and a daughter, both living in the vicinity. Contact with children, elderly people, and not to the children of the elderly confirm home overnight. During this period, there have been a  <a href="http://www.informationactive.com">78 years after high school gr</a> neighbor came Wensheng. Some have called loud after, he heard the sound of the old man shouted seven or help,air max pas cher, rescue then proceed. Near dawn hours, firefighters finally found the old man collapsed from under the porch. By 120 medical staff confirmed that the elderly have no flavor.
Reporters learned that the site had the duty officer said, slip under the car because it was just a thief theft. Also called, is the brake system of the vehicle out of the question. Relatives of the deceased, suggests that improper operation led to the accident the driver to stop. Because, according to the driver's operating specifications, carts in the parking ramp to hang reverse gear, pull handbrake, advances stones under the wheels,pak twin sister also jumped due to depression, and the parking time not too long. According to their understanding, the car wheels and other advances not only failed to take measures, and parking for up to 12 hours in the slope.
Informed sources, whether this accident caused thief theft,hogan rebel, accident liability identification and commitment have a greater impact. Police handling the accident said that the matter of whether it is caused by a thief car theft, or the vehicle itself is faulty or operator error,scarpe hogan outlet, not a good conclusion. Night of the incident, the police have not received the car thief suffered report, only when the investigation at the scene heard the argument, pending further information.
asked Jan 2, 2016 by anonymous

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