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(Reporter Liang <a href="http://www.achiamata.it/moncler-outlet-online/">moncler outlet online</a>  Long ran) The Hong K <a href="http://www.mathis-service.fr/louboutin-online-france/">louboutin online france</a> ong Marine Police arrested 12 departure from Shenzhen Fu Yong suspected smuggling attempt from the sea to the mainland women in Hong Kong prostitution, which is the Marine Police r <a href="http://www.agentcontent.fr/escarpin-louboutin-pas-cher/">escarpin louboutin pas cher</a> ecently seized a second case of similar cases. Sources said that the recent tightening of the Mainland police two-way permit approval,moncler outlet online, in order to strengthen the fight against prostitution mainland women in Hong Kong,louboutin online france, a move that Hong Kong workers supply gap pornography, fo <a href="http://www.holosfind-shopping.fr/louboutin-chaussures/">louboutin chaussures</a> rced prostitution went to the mainland to pick the "new blood" from sneaking into Hong Kong by sea.

The arrested woman from 17 to 50 years old

On Monday evening, the Hong Kong Marine Police execute anti-illegal immigration operation in Shenzhen Bay,escarpin louboutin pas cher, through radar spotted a motorized wooden boat about seven meters, is entered the waters of Hong Kong from Shenzhen. Police dispatched five boats gave chase 10 minutes successfully intercepted vessel. Police found 12 mainland women,louboutin chaussures, one man and two Hong Kong Mainland men on board. All board members were brought back to survey the Marine West Division base.

It is reported that mainland women arrested, the youngest 17 years old,novo mizuno, maximum 50 years,louboutin, some people dress sexy, resp <a href="http://www.thepurplemangopost.com/category/novo-mizuno/">novo mizuno</a> ectively, from Hunan,cappelli ymcmb, Hubei, Hainan,louboutin prix, Fujian and Sichuan. These women all worked in Shenzhen and Dongguan in the sex industry, police believe they boarded on Monday afternoon to Hong Kong from Shenzhen Fu Yong smuggling,tn requin pas cher, prostitution aim to make quick money. Smuggling costs the 3000-6000 dollars,scarpe golden goose, some people have to pay. It was also intended to work in Hong Kong after the deduction from income.

Hong Kong police arrested two men suspected of the "snakeheads", and confirmed that one of them related with drug case, another person suspected gang background, before the two men arrested were wanted. Police suspect the two fellow members of the prostitution ring operated in Hong Kong,parajumpers, responsible for the selection of sex workers in the mainland and was escorted to sneak into Hong Kong.

Hong Kong police seized two consecutive

Hong Kong police seized two successive similar cases. Sunday night around 8 o'clock,occhiali da sole, when intercepted by marine police found five aged 18-25 years old in Guangxi woman aboard a sampan. It is reported that five women's pay 3000 yuan per person to the smugglers, smugglers by Neilingding Five people smuggled into Hong Kong for prostitution.

It is said that the recent increase in anti-vice Hong Kong police force, arrested a large number of sex workers from the mainland. Mainland police to strengthen the fight against mainlanders to Hong Kong to engage in prostitution and other crimes,bottes louboutin, tighten Twp approval. So the increase in the smuggling of prostitution "business", sent to the mainland to collect people,peuterey online, then the people smuggled  <a href="http://www.restaurantgirardin.fr/louboutin/">louboutin</a> by sea to Hong Kong, then arrange prostitution.

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