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"Runaway mother" that Liu Xuelian and after  <a href="http://www.mulhouse2014.fr">canada goose homme</a> surgery according to Jiao
Anshan "runa <a href="http://www.top-black-jack.fr">roshe run homme pas cher</a> way mom" recently home for the holiday, her daughter's body is still very weak,canada goose homme, going to let the children resume classes in September this year
News Background
  <a href="http://www.88822.com/#87788/read.php?tid=980">http://www.88822.com/#87788/read.php?tid=980</a>
47, that lotus is a collective enterprise retirees Anshan, by the end of November last year, in Shenyang on sophomore daughter Liu Jiao was diagnosed according to renal failure (uremia commonly known). Mother had a kidney transplant for a runaway daughter to lose weight. Last December 21, the Beijing Xuelian that cut the kidney to save her da <a href="http://etcxy.net/news/html/?2168.html">http://etcxy.net/news/html/?2168.html</a> ughter, a successful surgery.
First reported the title: "daughters more than a piece of her mother's" meat ""
Morning electrical Anshan Anshan "runaway mother" a month ago in Beijing successful kidney transplant for her daughter,roshe run homme pas cher, her daughter's new kidney started working ......
According to "Qianshanwanbao" reported yesterday,http://www.88822.com/#87788/read.php?tid=980, the reporter saw,http://etcxy.net/news/html/?2168.html, back Anshan New Year's "runaway mom" That Xuelian face showing a firm and insisted that saw the bottom of my heart for life, life share hope.
After surgery, the children take off a layer of black
Yesterday, the reporter saw that snow lotus dressed in a light-colored jacket,http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/3040/920629/why-the-other-party-to-choose-ju, her hair still is simply Longqi.
He recalled the experience <a href="http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/3040/920629/why-the-other-party-to-choose-ju">http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/3040/920629/why-the-other-party-to-choose-ju</a>  she and her daughter before and after surgery, she summed up with one word only - bet. Xuelian said that after she learned that some cases of hospitalized surgical failure, one patient died on the tenth day after surgery, as well as failure cases in two months after the new transplanted kidney removed in turn, which allow them to comprehend to surgery and postoperative anti-rejection stage is dangerous and terrifying. The ignorant mother, merely by virtue of the little heart, courage, perseverance and encouraging her children to refuel.
Hospital worker to them tells a true story, there was a nearly sixty years, the mother, the son of a kidney transplant, she was forced to climb the medical assistance under the operating table. Available shortly after the son of complications leading to deterioration of eyesight,http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/4978/920648/li-shaokui, and then, his son has gone even further to his mother to ask for corneas.
Hear such talk,http://associationflainoise.fr/spip.php?article408/, according to Jiao Liu daughter feel very strange, staring at my mother for a long time, said the sentence: "Mom, I can not have your eyes." That Xuelian said: "Mom is for you to live, my mother is willing to give you a kidney, you can This is not right and proper. You have to know how to cherish, not only for the mother,http://www.sygy.org/thread-109653-1-1.html, want to help you all know Thanksgiving, understand? "
Test undergone surgery, mother and daughter safely out of the hospital. According to Liu Jiao also started another life: the original shriveled, blackened his face began to shine, who took off a layer of black; originally crying, irritability, afraid of meeting people's character, but also became the sun , and students talk pho <a href="http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/4978/920648/li-shaokui">http://khalid.eu/social/blogs/4978/920648/li-shaokui</a> ne, chat with her grandmother with that video ...... Xuelian words, feel good, live cells and kidney live.
Daughter is not home for the holiday,hogan outlet online, not because you do not want, but her body is still weak, the bacteria can not be any invasion. Now, according to Jiao Liu has been gratitude and know how to appreciate their parents, or even start their own cook. In order to let his father sleep a little longer, every day she would get up 6:00 porridge, wait for his father to get up after my father's cooking. That Xuelian said: "I can not accompany her life,http://wandousi.com.cn/news/html/?3748.html, hoping she would be able to support themselves,nike tn pas cher, I am happy, the parents of hard not wasted."
Life is not the length, quality
Xuelian know that kidney transplant patients after 20 years of case rarely adhere to most patients may only persist for 15 years,http://175551.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread
asked Jan 3, 2016 by anonymous

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