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I can go to school

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Little Yuanyuan parents acco <a href="http://www.bylb.gov.cn/forum/">http://www.bylb.gov.cn/forum/</a> mpanied at the bedside. Rejection due to  <a href="http://universite-toyota.fr/">air max 90</a> appear after bone marrow transplant, she has fasted for more than 70 days. Our reporter Sun Chunxia
■ "father sent Bo is willing to offer  <a href="http://www.democratie-socialisme.org/spip.php?article3472">http://www.democratie-socialisme.org/spip.php?article3472</a> organs to save sick girl" Track
(Reporter Lu Man intern tube Huixia) As of yesterday, Yuanyuan (a pseudonym) has fasted for more than 70 days, and every day to sustain life by nutrition. 11 years old, she is only 1 meter 25 tall and weighing only 18 kg.
In June this year, suffering from hemophagocytic syndrome Yuany <a href=""></a> uan received a bone marrow transplant. However surgery, Yuanyuan had severe rejection.
Girls diarrhea disease more than 20 times a day
In 2006, the old Fan Yuanyuan father discovered her daughter was after each mosquito bite, blisters on the skin will be swollen, accompanied by itching, ulcers and fever. Later,http://www.bylb.gov.cn/forum/, her daughter was diagnosed with suffering from hemophagocytic syndrome.
Since then, the old Van and his wife took over the doctor removed her daughter.
June 18 this year, Yuanyuan in Beijing Dao Pei Hospital for a bone marrow transplant.
"The doctor said,air max 90, as long as through the rejection and infection period, Yuanyuan can be cured." Looked at the appetite is getting better,http://www.democratie-socialisme.org/spi <a href="http://www.studiodontoiatricordt.it">hogan outlet sito ufficiale</a> p.php?article3472, getting more and more the spirit of Yuanyuan, old Fan felt this torment a man more than four years of nightmare finally over.
July 29, Yuanyuan abdominal pain, diarrhea, twenty times a day. Subsequently, she appeared bloody stool, abdominal pain.
Yesterday, Yuanyuan doctor Luyue introduced Yuanyuan appear heaviest four degrees of rejection, intestinal mucosal erosion, bleeding and loss and other symptoms. Currently, Yuanyuan no danger, need medication.
Guo Yuanyuan's mother, said Yuanyuan five hours a day to sit on the potty, pull out from time to time will be bloody, blood clots. The most serious chest also put a bedpan containing vomit.
Now Yuanyuan has fasted more than 70 days, only occasionally drink some of the soup, basically rely on the nutrient solution in the maintenance.
Old Fan said that currently daughter weighs only 18 kg, than a bone marrow transplant just finished ten kilograms lighter.
"I want to eat a bowl of noodles." This has become Yuanyuan greatest wish.
Weekly basis treatment costs up to 30,000
Since Yuanyuan hospitalization, old Fan every day record the details of her illness and live on the blog, microblogging. A few days ago, he microblogging name was changed to "Yuanyuan hold" for her encouragement.
Old Fan said that in order to save her daughter, he has transferred the shop, sell homes, but also around the loan, more than a year has been spent over one million. Previously, the old Fan Zeng set a written agreement, that in order to save her daughter is willing to donate organs after death the body donated to medical institutions, to rescue people in need.
We know that the treatment costs Yuanyuan week <a href="http://www.ai21.cn/news/html/?105715.html">http://www.ai21.cn/news/html/?105715.html</a> ly basis to more than 30,000 yuan, the next treatment needs to spend at least 20 million yuan.
Faced with high medical expenses,,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, old Fan always felt that he and his wife, "I do not know what means adhere to."
Yuanyuan looked to be pain and suffering, old Fan regret even bone marrow transplant.
"Dad, I do not regret it." Whenever there is this idea old Fan Yuanyuan always comfort him, "and I'm getting better, I can go to school, give your mom cook and eat."
Yesterday, the People's University of the eight students went to the blood bank, Yuanyuan is willing to donate platelets.
"All the people who helped us, I will write it down." Old Fan said.
■ Features
"After fasting,http://www.ai21.cn/news/html/?105715.html, watching cookbook as a spiritual pillar"
Yesterday morning,http://www.iesuliafidentia.es/spip.php?article9, lying on the bed already asleep Yuanyuan. 11 years of age, may seem obvious skinny body than their peers.
Old Fan said,louboutin pas cher, Yuanyuan is now only 1 meter 25,, "several tens of centimeters shorter than the other children."
12 am, Yuanyuan wake, Guo went to the potty on the bed.
Yuanyuan sitting on the potty, thin body curled up, head buried in his arms, clutching a small fist,http://www.qhfxrj.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread
asked Jan 3, 2016 by anonymous

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