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Those poems, I remember

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spring Febr <a href="http://www.indumat.it">hogan outlet online</a> uary day,hogan outlet online, brush embankment d <a href="http://www.jetaimetuesparfaitchange.fr">canada goose homme pas cher</a> runk spring willow smoke. Spring holding a Book of poetry which is a good choice. The picturesque season, the poets in the popular place Tachun <a href="http://www.arcigayverbania.it">moncler outlet</a>  outings, listen to the voices of flowers in bloom, shuiyunjian pen smile. "Zhanyi for wet apricot rain,canada goose homme pas cher, the wind blows." The Southern Song Dynasty Zhinan monk under the pen of the spring do not have a taste, look at "Tianjie rain run as crisp grass color,moncler outlet, almost  <a href="http://www.ecoledepiano.fr">nike tn pas cher</a> No. The most advantage of the spring of the year,nike tn pas cher, the willow tree full of royal". Like to needle rain is his eyes moist butter. Holding a poem, I carried on a spring trip.

 then days hachisuba infinite Bi, lotus flowers in red. Compared to the spring of the gentle and romantic, summer is atmospheric and gentle. This is may wish to read Su and Xin Qiji of poetry, although summer air-conditioning dominated, summer how can lost his proper hot atmosphere it? "The horse is made of a flying fast and the bow is like a thunderbolt. But king of the world, energy-saving". Xin Qiji, a good patriotic poet! Read this poem, even in the midst of  <a href="http://www.graphieti.it">moncler outlet online</a> a breezy air conditioning underneath, mind can not help but surging, sense of wound thing, chasing a dream. This is the charm of the bold and unconstrained poetry. With the company,moncler outlet online, the midsummer night will be out of the ordinary.

 flowers quietly open, the stream is quiet flow. Thought has been the God of utopia. The most is that a kind of open book of poems of the warm in my heart, in the bottom of the fragrance. Those poems, I remember...

 parking Fenglin love to sit late red flowers in February. Autumn's footsteps lightly. I heard the Li Yu sigh "q-how can worry about, like a river flows to the east". I heard the "silent alone, like a hook,woolrich outlet, lonely Indus Shen Yuan lock kiyoaki, continue to cut, and chaotic is sadness, don't is a general feeling in the heart,". I saw the affectionately water leisurely,golden goose sito ufficiale, heartbroken white Pingzhou frowning female, this only under the brow but the heart of qiqicancan. My head is heavy on my tears.

 Qianshan bird flew away, nobody trail. The snow white world, simple and elegant,giubbotti woolrich bologna, graceful snowflakes evoke the poet unlimited reverie. "Suddenly,canada goose pas cher, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms",doudoune moncler, really create new styles. "Snow have what to think,moncler outlet, like LiuXu because of the wind". The talented Xie Daoyun Bai Xueyu as the catkins, is ingenious conceits. D <a href="http://www.valdadigebusto.it">woolrich outlet</a> read winter this moment into the poet's eyes spirit, not winter cold winter without cold master,moncler outlet online, poet. In the winter, warm poem and made me fall in love with the touch of white.

 poems such as the four seasons, four seasons poem. Poetry is the treasure of human culture, and poetry is the essence of human thought. The sun and the moon cycle, passing of night life, poetry, incense is not bad......

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asked Jan 3, 2016 by anonymous

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