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the rest of the body was not injured. After its blood alcohol content testing

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March 26 afternoon, a sit <a href="http://www.ems-tools.jp">http://www.ems-tools.jp</a> e dedicated transport tricycle concrete lid town of Kenli County in <a href="http://www.chisa-club.com/cgi-bin/support/mail.cgi">http://www.chisa-club.com/cgi-bin/support/mail.cgi</a>  Shandong Province, with high, due to dodge a van, met with the van and parked on the roadside licens <a href="http://www.iisminuziano.it">nike tn pas cher</a> e for Lu E00012 black Accord sedan It occurred scratch. After that, the Accord car drivers and tricycle driver quarrel. During this period, the Accord car driver from the car took out a knife and cut him to the tricycle driver,http://www.ems-tools.jp, stop being onlookers.
 Video: real shot the driver because the car was scratching with a knife slashed migrant workers Source: Shandong TV "Morni <a href="http://monsteressays.com">http://monsteressays.com</a> ng News"
The whole process is passerby with a cell phone camera, and spread in the network, causing many users attention.
March 28,http://www.chisa-club.com/cgi-bin/support/mail.cgi, this reporter found that the Accord car Dongying Municipal People's Congress official vehicles,nike tn pas cher, "Accord M" for the driver unit. Dongying Municipal People's Congress organs declaration made subsequently said: "Accord M" Jeong held tool is intended for their toy knife nephew,http://monsteressays.com, after Jeong been suspended inspection.
"Accord man" because of beating detainees 8 days
Kenli police informed of the case, said the tricycle driver was beaten only bruised eyebrow
Sign much concerned about the "Accord M" event to the bottom. Currently, the Accord car driver Jeong administrative de <a href="http://www.zgtxqcwap.com/service/feedback_look.php?id=101241">http://www.zgtxqcwap.com/service/feedback_look.php?id=101241</a> tention because of assault on the 8th, a fine of 500 yuan, the tricycle driver Lee because drunk driving, driving without a license in administrative detention on the 20th, a fine of 1,000 yuan.
March 31, Kenli County Public Security Bureau released the survey results "Accord man" event. According to reports, on March 26,http://www.zgtxqcwap.com/service/feedback_look.php?id=101241, 14 am, Lee drunk, unlicensed driving unlicensed motor tricycle, scratching occurred in Kenli County, Baiyun stations on the north side and a van parked on the roadside and Accord sedan. Accord sedan followed a dispute with the driver of the tricycle driver Jeong Lee happen,air max 90 pas cher,http://ameetshomestyle.com, pushing Jeong Lee,Piumini moncle, to Lee and then punched and kicked, and then remove the tool from the car, to beat Lee, was stopped people around.
According to the Public Security Bureau, responsible person, the police conducted a body check on Lee,http://www.kougu-damashii.jp, determine their eyebrow in addition there is a bruised right eye, the rest of the body was not injured. After its blood alcohol content testing, the alcohol content of the blood 179.57725 milligrams per hundred milliliters, far more than the standard drink (80 milligrams per one hundred milliliters), is a state of intoxication.
After that, Kenli County police according to "People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law," for drunken driving, driving a motor vehicle without a license, Lee merge execution of administrative detention on the 20th, a fine of 1,000 yuan punishment; according to "People's Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security Law ", for assault Jeong administrative detent <a href="http://www.ctproma.it">air max 90 pas cher</a> ion on the 8th, a fine of 500 yuan of the punishment decision.
Reply Jeong held by police "Chopper" is not a control tool
March 31, on the reader and several issues of concern to users, Kenli County Public Security Bureau deputy director Li made answer.
1. Jeong held "Machete" is true or false?
Lee: Police car in Jeong extracted tools they use, according to the Ministry of Public Security "control tool that standard," was identified, the tool is not a control tool. Its thickness is about 0.8 mm, and no open edges, only a handful with iron self-made "Chopper",air max 90 pas cher, the general control of the tool edge thickness of less than 0.5 mm.
2. Why the police did not detain Chung site?
Lee: 26 passersby received the alarm call,moncler outlet online, saying it was a fight. When police the police, Jeong has left the scene, it was also the scene of the fight, Lee did not mention things, so he handled as a traffic accident. Later see the video, only to find no
It was a pure accident,http://www.chengyepen-565310.adminkc.cn, and later went to Jeong and 29 pm due to assault its administrative detention.
3,http://marandy.foyer.be/spip.php?article79. Jeong was whether a drink?
Lee: the incident in the 26th, we are to find Jeong police in the 29th, this has now been unable to verify the.
 (Edit: SN026 <a href="http://ameetshomestyle.com">http://ameetshomestyle.com</a>  <a href="http://www.hoteliltiglio.it/">Piumini moncle</a>  <a href="http://www.kougu-damashii.jp">http://www.kougu-damashii.jp</a>  <a href="http://www.jeux-2-sport.fr">air max 90 pas cher</a>  <a href="http://www.lenkukultura.it/">moncler outlet online</a>  <a href="http://www.chengyepen-565310.adminkc.cn">http://www.chengyepen-565310.adminkc.cn</a>  <a href="http://marandy.foyer.be/spip.php?article79">http://marandy.foyer.be/spip.php?article79</a> )
asked Jan 3, 2016 by anonymous

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