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Jiangsu Province, the village of 1366 college stud

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this year's plan selection to the village (community) serving  <a href="http://www.eurekainformatique64.fr">sac goyard soldes</a> 1366 college graduates, th <a href="http://www.oltonsolutions.co.uk">cheap michael kors handbags</a> e village project in 985 plan selection 386. Nanjing City hiring 62. The selected object is under 30 years old (born after January 1, 1985) graduatin <a href="http://www.bibliotecaninomuccioli.it">hogan outlet 2016</a> g undergraduate full-time college or above graduate, member of the Communist Party of China or outstanding student cadres. In the hiring process, adhere to the ancestral home office preferred. In Jiangsu Province,sac goyard soldes, organized the "college graduates" three help "plan", "GWP", "Jiangsu Jiangsu college volunteer service plan" and other activities of the full-time college bachelor degree graduates,cheap michael k <a href="http://www.viaggicugini.it">hogan outlet online</a> ors handbags, the service expires, assessment of qualified,hogan outlet 2016, voluntarily and with the selection conditions, as recommended by the organization the selection of object.



 editor Pan Yiqing



 reporter yesterday from the provincial agency office was informed that in 2015 in Jiangsu province college-graduate village official selection begins today online registration, registration website: Jiangsu Province personnel examination network (www.jsrsks.gov.cn).


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 selection to the village (community) college graduates serving, will enjoy a series of policy t <a href="http://www.semaineeuropeennepourlesrequins.fr">air max homme pas cher</a> reatment, including the use of special full funding career preparation; enjoy the full funding institutions of wages, the newly appointed college-graduate village official direct positive rating,air max homme pas cher, high grade salary level, participate in local social insurance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the institution; provide personal accident insurance coverage 1 million yuan in total and serious illness insurance for each year in college-graduate village official; took out a certain number of civil service posts,gioielli tiffany outlet, specially targeted recruiting qualified appraisal and appointment expires at college-graduate village official, county (city, district), township institutions have vacancies to be added staff, hiring, appointment expires pass the examination of more than college-graduate village official appointment expires, assessment of qualified; more than college-graduate village official examination report Graduate, the first test score 10 points, giving priority to the same conditions, which apply for the humanities and social science graduate,moncler outlet, the first test score of 15.

 selection according to individual registration, qualification examination, written examination,nike air max pas cher, interview, physical examination, inspection, publicity,goyard soldes, decision procedures for. March 16th - March 31st,tn pas cher, college graduates' personal online registration. March 16th - April 1st,stivali ugg online, municipal office of the hiring of college graduates registration information materials review, determine the candidates to participate in the written test. April 18th, unified organization written. May - June,michael kors outlet, municipal office to organize the impleme <a href="http://www.grspa.it">gioielli tiffany outlet</a> ntation of hiring interview, physical examination,golden goose outlet, inspection,scarpe hogan outlet, publicity,sac goyard pas cher, the formalities of employment.
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asked Jan 4, 2016 by anonymous

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