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leave to go home until the afternoon when it was getting dark.

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Dazhou Wanyuan an eighty year old wife died of illness, after the elderly in <a href="http://musiclab.sakura.ne.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=31304">http://musiclab.sakura.ne.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=31304</a>  long-term guardian  wife, never stopped
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In 1950, they met; two years later, they married. In those years, although the family was too poor to do nothing to boil, but both still life and death, who are still taking care of seven children, together for 62 years time. Eight years  <a href="http://www.alzbrain.org/prevention.cgi">http://www.alzbrain.org/prevention.cgi</a> ago, his wife was taken ill, he would often go out to relax with his wife, and the wife caring. Until earlier this year, his wife lost due to illness, the old man every day guarding the tomb next to his wife, rain or shine adhere to its memorial, and beside his wife built a tomb empty tomb, said would like to accompany his wife around forever ......
Octogenarian rain or shine mountains accompany his late wife
In Dazhou Wanyuan Taiping Town Tianmashan after hillside community group, buried on a hillside graves of thousands, every day an octogenarian mountain to guard, to pay homage to the tomb, the elderly also live all day n <a href="http://www.killian-ebel.fr">louboutin pas cher</a> estled beside the grave.
"From a distance the tall tomb is like a red house, but in fact was built on top of the grave with a red canopy, next to the tomb also repair a cement fence protection." According to the group after former captain Zhang hillside rule introduced,http://musiclab.sakura.ne.jp/bbs/light.cgi?res=31304, the octogenarian surnamed Jiang,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/asobi/wiina-medium.html, in his more than 10 years ago to buy the land, and then it has been empty spare. Until earlier this year after his wife died Jiang uncle, they built their graves, even after the wind and rain, Jiang uncle came to visit every day, the guardian of his wife's grave.
Zhang told reporters that rule, Jiang uncle who lives in the city of White Road, Wan unit family member courtyard, he was a few kilometers on foot every morning, came to visit his dead wife after hillside grave, put his midday meal brought open, in memorial Chiang uncle after his wife began to dine, not beside the grave when dancing, exercise, leave to go home until the afternoon when it was getting dark.
Compositae grave because his favorite wife
"In September, he found his wife's grave to give us firing fence, shelter for his wife to the grave." According to the fence fired <a href="http://blog.clzg.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp
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