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Qingchun Road 51 Century Mart store off exit 24 <a href="http://bowling.s52.xrea.com/i/epad/epad.cgi?res=5950">http://bowling.s52.xrea.com/i/epad/epad.cgi?res=5950</a> 3 Zhijie Pengmou escape route Rendering (according to E urban 3D mapp <a href="http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/innocent/totes-08624.html">http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/innocent/totes-08624.html</a> ing) cartographic Guo Lugang 1. 2. fled to escape the apartment pool sworn exit Zhijie 3. Turn right into the double 4. Zheng Ling Road also cut four cars parked on the roadside 5. fled Qingchun Road Century Lianhua off  <a href="http://www.campobaselimone.it">hogan outlet</a> store traffic police check for drunk driving case two got into a fight in this room up reporters Handan She
2:38 yesterday,http://bowling.s52.xrea.com/i/epad/epad.cgi?res=5950, Mr. Shen Caller: I heard this morning, Qingchun Road Shuangling Road intersection,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/innocent/totes-08624.html, a man cut his girlfriend back of the head six or seven knives, this woman sweating blood,hogan outlet, very poor. The man is holding a kitchen knife, also chopped roadside four cars, and now men have been arrested,http://web.thu.e <a href="http://web.thu.edu.tw/kudo/www/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi">http://web.thu.edu.tw/kudo/www/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi</a> du.tw/kudo/www/bbs/yybbs/yyregi.cgi, the woman has been sent to Sir Run Run Shaw hospital.
Reporter Zhu Yan, Jian-Guo Ye verify correspondent reports: Yesterday morning, Riverside traffic police are Qingchun Road intersection Shining check drunk driving, suddenly ran over a woman repeatedly called "help." Police and the Police Association Cao Peng Shen Zhiqiang came to view and found the woman's neck wound, being bled, wounded the woman said a man in the back to kill her.
Cao Peng took police telescopic batons, a woman came along the direction of Shuangling Road, north search attack man. Sure enough, at a distance of about 100 meters crossing position, a man armed with a kitchen knife, he walked curse, also hand on the knife several cars parked on the roadside windows smashed. When the traffic police to persuade men to put down the knife, the decisive their uniforms, at the same time, behind the Police Association also came forward to help,air max pas cher, the man was handed over after the police station handcuffed.
After a preliminary police investigation, the assailant Pengmou Jeong and female victims, are Chongqing. On that day, after the two disputes occur because of emotional problems, Jeong Pengmou neck with a kitchen knife c <a href="http://www.koineensemble.it">air max pas cher</a> hopped Pengmou went on the road for help.
Trainee reporter Sun Zhaoyun added: Run Run Shaw Hospital after surgery, was sent Pengmou ICU (intensive care unit). Duty doctor said she is gradually restored the vital signs stable.
Pengmou and Jeong male and female friends,veste canada goose, all 24 years old, currently rented apartment in South Shaw pool Cam Ranh port of a 3 floor buildings.
This building on the first floor, a female resident said that around 1:20 in the morning yesterday, she suddenly heard a scream, because it was heavy sleep, she did not tell us the sound is coming out from a few buildings.
Yesterday afternoon, this building, three men carrying furniture out from the corridor. One man and his wife with Peng,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/550interlagos.html, Zheng just rented a suite on the third floor house. This man is in Chongqing, with Peng, Zheng from neighboring counties.
They rented this house two-bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom, two-bedroom of about ten square meters per room. Peng and Zheng lived in a room on the South.
The room with a double bed, a large wardrobe, a TV table was a half new TV, on the outside of the computer desk with a very new desktop computers.
There is a large bloodstain on the quilt and sheets, is also a great piece on the floor beside the bed. On the door there are two obvious blood fingerprints.
Roommate man said yesterday morning that he and his wife go out playing mahjong, playing the night, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital give them a call,woolrich sito ufficiale, they know Peng trouble.
Roommate man said,http://www.hcwhich.com/home.php?mod=space
asked Jan 5, 2016 by anonymous

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