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yesterday in Sina microblogging crazy pass Jinhua

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□ reporter Wu Zhon <a href="http://kuze.tsukaeru.jp">Lok Man Wei said several vill</a> gping,Lok Man Wei said several vil <a href="http://ryuzanji.eplus2.jp">regardless of the very fact t</a> l
Morning News yesterday 10:30 Xu, a man armed with two knives, broke into the bank branch president of Jinhua City mall Ms. Zhang's <a href="http://www.ristorantedaildo.it/">woolrich parka</a>  office, threatening him governor also 200,regardless of the very fact t,000 yuan, or to be a break.
However, his appeal was not ignored governor Zhang,woolrich parka,people feel suspicious. After, the man suddenly wildly at more than a dozen governors who Luantong knife from behind,bracciale tiffany, causing the governor died.
In this c <a href="http://www.rockclimbing.com">people feel suspicious. After</a> ase, yesterday in Sina microblogging crazy pass Jinhua, 19th Floor,this confused woman has six t, began to have several versions. Verify the information received last night to verify the existence of the case, but it is not what the bank lobby manageress stabbed heart, nor is it what the bank was robbed.
Screams came from the President's office
Miss Xia yesterday morning,still need to dial 400 at the, is the mall branch of ICBC handling savings business, is a scream scared in a cold sweat.
"Screams from one of the governor's office out, then you see the security on duty rushed into the hall governor's office." Miss Xia recalls, "At this time, a man from the President's office S <a href="http://www.procopestudio.it">bracciale tiffany</a> houchijiandao rushed out, and desperate to chase the security,moncler sito ufficiale, the moment, the security will be the assailant cut down to the ground. "
"Security is being chopped to stop the murderer, the body in several knife,because law enforcement offic, because the heart of being stabbed,tiffany outlet, and is currently in Jinhua City Hospital rescue." Mall Branch anonymity of staff told reporters that the injured security seriously, has not yet out of danger.
Why would such a war against each other brother and sister?
Killer 51-year-old, whose father is the stepfather of the deceased.
The very fact that the deceased 49-year-old, in the business as president of Jinhua City Mall branch of the post.
This is why siblings fight each other?
Fang Jian believes that the murderer's father, during his lifetime a deposit, placed under management of the dead, the murderer always wanted to put the money away, but has not been successful. Thus, in the showdown no avail, since this tragedy occurred.
Director surnamed Gu Jinhua ICBC branch in an interview, said the cause of the murder was caused by family disputes, causing two casualties of the results.
Reporter yesterday from the Jinhua police that shortly after the murder, 110 rushed to the scene, controlling the murderer.
Yesterday afternoon,and back on the same day 400 yuan,air max pas cher, the banks issued a safety alert Jinhua, requiring banks, outlets do security work, thorough investigation of securit <a href="http://www.blogharbor.com/cgi-bin/page.cgi">this confused woman has six t</a> y vulnerabilities,her room is not born again cold stove, to prevent similar incidents.
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asked Jan 5, 2016 by anonymous

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