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cappelli polo by Jiu Jin

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Palace Chuan Zhang Hai was escorted home Friends  <a href="http://www.avencia-printyshop.fr/louboutin-prix/">louboutin prix</a> dry \ Figure

Angola reported online January 4 January 4, 2009 at 1  <a href="http://www.looxbycamille.fr/chloe-lunette-de-soleil/">chloé lunette de soleil</a> pm,louboutin prix, with the last house of a suspect was escorted by the Burmese pass sea Hefei to Hefei airport police, so far, the city Public Security Burea <a href="http://www.bresciaspiritolibero.it/vendo-woolrich/">vendo woolrich</a> u Pack River travel thousands of miles, day and night,chloé lunette de soleil, transnational hunt, which lasted 47 days,vendo woolrich, and finally the success of "11.19" serious gun murder solved,louboutin pas cher, three suspects arrested in full.

Convulsive murder murderer escape in the night

At 0:36 on November 19, 2008, Pack River Public Security Bureau of Interpol Battalion received a report: homicide c <a href="http://www.cluny2014.fr/louboutin-pas-cher/">louboutin pas cher</a> ases occurred together on high-voltage switchgear plant Huizhou Avenue across the street Baohe District.

Alarm, Pack River Public Security Bureau deputy director Liu Zhao, Interpol battalion Li Xinming quickly led investigators to the scene. After the scene, the victim Yu Mou (male, 20 years old, the city people) have died, another victim Humou (male,giuseppe zanotti sandal, 16 years old, the city people) was the suspect in the leg pierced Mito ... ...

Scene investigators immediately rushed to hospital injured Hu, while the crime scene to conduct extensive survey visits. After the investigation, investigators learned that the incident 12 o'clock that night, the victim of a disco complete jumped from Hefei Di, took a taxi to Heyu road traveling, when reaching Huizhou Avenue opposite rental High Voltage Switchgear Factory when suddenly another taxi forced to stop. Instant out of three people from the car, one of whom stopped the car, and the other two were armed with knives and guns have no <a href="http://www.go9withjde.fr/giuseppe-zanotti-sandal/">giuseppe zanotti sandal</a> t had time to sit back and Humou reaction Shumou hands. Shumou left temple by the suspect shot and died shortly after; HuMou leg suspect was armed with a knife stab Mito. A few minutes later,prada occhiali da sole, three suspects quickly escape in the darkness ......

47 days of painstaking investigation to track thousands of miles to catch the perpetrators of transnational

After the incident, the city Public Security Bureau deputy director Sang Baoqing led the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Interpol police officers also rushed to the scene and took command quickly set up a "11.19" gun murder task force to begin this Case expand the investigation.

Looking for clues, the panel around the scene, the night visits to expand painstaking investigation work. Because Diba inside the dimly lit, to bring a lot more difficult to find clues, the police task force has gone through more than a thousand clues, ask and interviewed more than 1000 people. After intensive investigations Mopai, December 31,ceinture france, 2008,giacconi moncler, the panel of "11.19" gun murder three suspects palace pass sea, Chen Guojun, 潘某基 this lock.

Subsequently, the panel sent a decisive three arrest team, respectively,scarpe hogan donna, implementation of the arrest three suspects. December 31 23:25 the night, from the 2009 New Year's Day left tens of minutes, when the suspect Panmou (male,sac longchamp pas cher, 28 years old,louboutin paris homme, Xiejiaji District Huainan City Li Ying town) surreptitiously fled Rent Hefei residence,tn pas cher, ready to pack clothes to escape, the arrest team braved the cold wind potential long decisively broke into the house, which was caught.

At 11:00 on January 2, in the Huainan police cooperation, the police will be hiding near Huainan City Wuli station rented room of Chen Guojun (male, 25 years old,profumo abercrombie, Datong District Huainan City Luohe town people) captured on the spot.

At December 29, arrest team arrived in Yunnan China-Burma border, that the sea has fled over <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/prada-occhiali-da-sole/">prada occhiali da sole</a> seas transfer palace, were removed from a casino. With the assistance of outside of the police, the police task force arrested the palace pass sea. So far, "11.19" homicide solved satisfactorily.

Altercation dispute actually caused by murders

After the suspects to justice,louboutin pas cher, the panel immediately into detailed interrogation. According to the suspect confessed sea palace pass: the evening of 18 November 2008,louboutin paris, he was alone in a disco play, while riding the elevator upstairs to meet with the victim Shumou, Shumou mock sea palace pass the phone too earth, the two sides verbal the occurrence of conflict. Palace biography sea grew more and more gas,tiffany orecchini, by Jiu Jin, called an accomplice Chen Guojun, Pan Dongsheng to bring guns and knives over.

Three in Diba to drink a large bottle of red wine after seeing the victim to leave, they followed the victim down the stairs,swarovski bracciali, got into a taxi along with other victims of the taxi, Huizhou Avenue opposite the high-voltage switchgear plant will victimization Taxi man forced to stop, the victim will not have time to run away and get off three Shumou,porsche design occhiali da sole, Humou closing in a taxi, let the driver toward the circumferential direction Donggudui open. In the road on the way, the suspect armed with a knife toward the victim Sea Palace Hu Chuan leg pierced Mito, the suspect Chen Guojun gun toward the victim Shumou left temple and fired a shot after shot dead Shumou. Thereafter, the trio abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene.

Currently, the three suspects had been under criminal detention everyone,chapeau hip hop, waiting for them will be severely punished by law.

 ,tiffany bracciali;

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