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Three operations

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Chen receiving treatment in the operating room. Hospital for m <a href="http://www.sapermediare.it">hogan outlet</a> ap
March 31, after major surgery <a href="http://www.stammtischtavern.it">woolrich outlet</a>  emergency maternal Chen finally taken off the ventilator. March 19, maternal Chen from Ningxia ready Beiyisanyuan production, but the maternal presence of e <a href="http://www.freegraphicland.com">http://www.freegraphicland.com</a> mbryo implantation, bleeding after cesarean section during normal child birth and associated with amniotic fluid embolism, Beiyisanyuan Multi-department doctors in the hospital big rescue, which lasted 10 hours of major surgery was completed successfully. Stage mother and child, Chen recovery has stabilized, is expected to go to the general ward after a few days.
Af <a href="http://www.azionecattolicajesi.it/">piumini woolrich</a> ter tortuous doctor
Chen's wife small , they come from Ningxia,hogan outlet, Chen, 33 years old, 5 months pregnant when the local hospital for examination, the doctor said Chen presence of placenta previa, embryo implantation, "but did not Severity "aware of the problem. To 8 months pregnant when the doctor said placenta previa and implants, the production was not only remove the uterus, will be accompanied by bleeding, "the doctor say, we realized the problem may be very serious." Jia said,woolrich outlet,http://www.freegraphicland.com, , doctors recommend to produce large hospitals in big cities.
In early March, with Chen Jia came to Beijing to go to a number of hospitals. She handed him a B-results, the doctor shook his head, no hospital reception. "At that time, we really do not know how to d <a href="http://www.milano26.it">piumini moncler</a> o." Jia said.
"Until the Beiyisanyuan directly to my wife to promote the delivery room." Jia said at 12:00 on March 19 more than in the evening near 11:00, surgery performed 10 hours, Jia has waited in the operating room door outer. Every half hour or so, out of the operating room to have the medical condition to his account. "That total sign four or five back word,piumini woolrich, finally, I have to almost take the tremor is not to write a." Jia said he did not know was signed, can not guarantee the life of his wife down.
Equivalent to six times the body shake
The doctors involved in the surgery, cesarean section mothers started after laparotomy found placenta accreta serious, this situation will be very severe bleeding, hysterectomy is not bound to maternal life-threatening. After the child was delivered normally, when the doctor ready hysterectomy, anesthesiologist suddenly exclaimed: "The patient's skin is purple."
Deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology, surgeon Zhao Yang Yu introduction, purple skin is the only reason hypoxia. Suddenly, electrocardiogram turned into a straight line, a cardiac arrest. Yang Zhao Yu said, "It's all happened within one minute."
Medical Service hospital quickly organized large rescue. Obstetrics and gynecology, emergency department, cardiology, anesthesiology, urology,piumini moncler, vascular surgery and other departments involved in more than more than 30 doctors, director, experts rushed to the operating room.
The doctors involved in the surgery, through cardiopulmonary resuscitation and rapid administration, patient heartbeat slowly recovering. Suddenly, just restore the heartbeat has stopp <a href="http://fflkk.cn/news/html/?2042.html">http://fflkk.cn/news/html/?2042.html</a> ed! Continue CPR, pick up,http://fflkk.cn/news/html/?2042.html, slow heartbeat recovery ...... has stopped, continue CPR ...... operating room, the air was to drop water must condense, "The whole process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cardiac arrest up to and fro five times. "
Eventually,http://carnetsdesante.fr/spip.php?article484, in the emergency department director Zhengya An effective rapid CPR compressions, the patient's heart slowly began to move up.
Zhao Yang Yu introduced after the heart rate recovery, maternal secondary DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) rapid emergence of intra-abdominal hemorrhage more than! We must hysterectomy immediately. Uterus was cut down, the maternal sudden bleeding. At this time, doctors have found that maternal amniotic fluid embolism occurs.
The doctors involved in the surgery, amniotic fluid embolism itself is terrible, plus the placenta and the entire bladder are glued together, the kind of bleeding for doctors almost helpless.
Control severe bleeding, continued operation,http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4011,orecchini tiffany, administration, has been continued. Finally, basic blood stopped, the patient was sent to ICU. More starting from 12:00 surgery, nearly 11 o'clock in the evening came to an end.
The next day, Chen clotting function deteriorated again, was the second to promote the operating room. Two days later, a third surgery, remove the gauze from the abdominal cavity.
Three operations, Chen lost a total of over 20,000 milliliters of red blood cells, plasma transfusion 13,000 ml, there are a lot of blood products. A normal amount of blood near 5000 ml, Chen equivalent body for a six blood.
Both mother and child safe
March 19, from 12:00 more, until 11 o'clock at night fast, Jia watched over and over again to the operating room medical staff took blood bags filled Xiaokuang, from his side trotted into the operating room,http://www.wancifang.com/home.php?mod=space
asked Jan 6, 2016 by anonymous

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