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the top bar full of balloons and lanterns

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Wedding scene
12:00 yesterday, Southwes <a href="http://blog.cantaman.com">http://blog.cantaman.com</a> t Uni <a href="http://www.altritaliani.net/spip.php?article213">http://www.altritaliani.net/spip.php?article213</a> versity of eighth teaching front, full of people, along with the waves of cheers came, a wedding car slowly pulled out of the crow <a href="http://reseller.web-matrix.jp">http://reseller.web-matrix.jp</a> d,http://blog.cantaman.com, this is the school wedding car decorated with temporary tourist vehicles, the car head "knot Concentric "is very eye-catching, rows of red balloons, reveals a festive vigor.
The groom is the Southwest University senior student Chen Lishan, the bride is Huaqiao University graduate Jiang Lifang, their wed <a href="http://sonnino.sp.unipi.it/index.php?page=biografia">scarpe hogan</a> ding this campus, cost a total of not more than 400 yuan.
Romantic wedding attracted the envy of classmates
10:30,http://www.altritaliani.net/spip.php?article213, Southwest University Gate 2, two rows wedding team already ready. Escorting team holding flowers to the bride and groom went to school sightseeing car decoration wedding car, spray ribbons everything complete, and the groom Chen Lishan classmates handmade panels: "bang the first white ducks fly, Qingyang Kai Tao Li Rui concentric "," happy couple and Ming, a natural fit. "
"Wedding car" from the Southern District II door all the way open to the North of Taoyuan, the bride and groom are smiling from ear to ear. Wedding car driving slowly surround the campus, after the wedding car, a bicycle is composed of 2 <a href="http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1">http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1</a> 2 teams, lined up, red ribbon, red balloons, the momentum is not lost wedding limousine fleet composition.
Along the way, the students surrounded by several layers, the girls all looked at with envy bride, saying that "the bride so happy ah!" The groom wore a black dress, the bride did not wear a wedding dress though, but a black shirt plus red skirt dignified festivity.
Hostel is their new home
Each dormitory downstairs to a wedding in the ranks was thrown candy. User @ crystal echo release micro-Bo expressed at the time of the event: just car wedding car from the dormitory door opened, a group of people rushed to candy.
Traditional Wedding tricks and no less a test of physical strength and groom seem never stopped. From the marriage get off the car, carrying the bride and groom Chen Lishan, stairs toward the second district of new homes Yuen walked.
Jiang Lifang to take care of the groom,http://reseller.web-matrix.jp, specially to lean backward, his right hand around the neck of the groom, the groom to relieve pressure. Few stairs, only to step 30, but Chen Lishan back to a new house, is already sweating. New home is the bridegroom Chen Lishan hostel, which has already been decorated dorm mates. Chen Lishan berth left hand door position, the top bar full of balloons and lanterns,scarpe hogan, twinkling, looks very nice.
Family never opposed
15:00 yesterday, too, after the wedding, the groom Chen Lishan off dress, to sit and rest. Jiang Lifang bride quietly stood beside the gentle hand on the shoulder Chen Lishan. Jiang Lifang Chen Lishan and are Fujianese, bride graduated from Fuzhou Jian <a href="http://www.abzalov.ru">http://www.abzalov.ru</a> g Lifang Huaqiao University. They still do not know to three months, it is a typical flash marriage.
In January this year, when  internship in Fujian, through friends, she met . Because people are Fujian,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, two fellow links up more feelings rapid warming. Chen Lishan said that early marriage seemed so incredible, in fact, this issue, they both have considered.
The first is the age issue. Born in 1988, he has been 25 years old this year,http://www.abzalov.ru,  smaller than he was in 1989, and 24 years old. Both parents are more supportive of the idea of their marriage, he never opposed.
By Chen Lishan words, both sides are more appropriate to see each other,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, why not get married? Chen Lishan sigh and said: "Since the encounter of people, then so what?"  also agree with.
Conversation, Jiang Lifang Daoliaobeishui handed  hands.
Edition text / Chongqing Morning News reporters Liao Yifei and Liu Bingxin correspondent Song Siyu Gong Xiaofei
Wedding team composed of students.
The bride and groom on her own.
Last precedents
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