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chapeau new york while several other rescued girls were detained. May 13

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Xiaoqing recall traumatic expe <a href="http://www.restaurantgirardin.fr/louboutin-homme/">louboutin homme</a> rience,louboutin homme, several crying. Express r <a href="http://www.icgiovannipaoloii.it/giubbotti-peuterey-donna/">giubbotti peuterey donna</a> eporter Fang Yang Lin / photo

Xiaoqing text message sent to reporters

■,giubbotti peuterey donna; Coordinator: <a href="http://www.tpalcaminnetto.it/moncler-donna/">moncler donna</a>  Express reporter Qin Lang written: Express correspondent Fang Yang Lin Qin Lang

April 17,moncler donna, 16-year-old girl Xiaoqing (a pseudonym) accidentally saw a waiter paying jobs ads in Baiyun District Sanyuanli street, so readily apply. She never imagined that the recruiter was actually a teenage gang forced prostitution. Subsequently, he plays through a nightmare 17 days, after being imprisoned criminals looted,c <a href="http://www.lingualjet.fr/chaussures-femmes-soldes-louboutin/">chaussures femmes soldes louboutin</a> haussures femmes soldes louboutin, forced into prostitution every day, more than 20 times. The resulting money were "beheaded" Control, and Xiaoqing did not get a penny.

8th of this month to help his family, the Xiaoqing finally escape the snare. According Xiaoqing said,running online shop, "beheaded" control girls are about more than 30, most of them are also to be those "paying jobs" advertising lying to.

Criminals were detained within rental

Xiaoqing is the northwest, after graduating from junior high school did not continue. Because the two sisters do business in Guangzhou, Xiaoqing six months ago to go over my sister,woolrich sito ufficiale, before the incident, she was a waitress at a well-known hotel in Guangzhou. Since wages are only 1,000 yuan Xiaoqing often think "quit."

April 17, when it plays through Baiyun Di <a href="http://www.maspunthoogeveen.nl/tag/running-online-shop/">running online shop</a> strict Sanyuanli, saw a waiter street recruitment advertising, the other out of the 5000 yuan / month salary,abercrombie milano orari, so inexperienced her eyebrows. April 20, it plays without telling his family went to the interview, she was taken to the other side of the River Street,sapatos christian louboutin, located in Baiyun District of Beijing,lacoste lunette de soleil, a rental, the gangsters to examine documents in the name of taking away her identity card, bank card,hogan interactive, phone and other items, and then they look thoroughly ferocious detained her at the same time to force her into prostitution. Gangsters carrot and stick, use various means of intimidation, threat Xiaoqing,chaussures nike, etc. Xiaoqing "honest and obedient," the post,peuterey donna, the gangsters would compel him to start pick up.

A pimp was arrested shopkeeper

Thugs 24 hours a day to monitor the implementation of portable, nightmarish day lasted nearly two weeks. 7th of this month in the evening, Xiaoqing criminals take advantage of lax regulation of the machine, borrowed with another girl was being detained in a rented Fang (a pseudonym) of the phone (because Fang has been relatively obedient, so criminals do not confiscate phone),gucci occhiali da vista, send text messages to inform themselves cheated after his brother.

"May be we say to the police, criminals afraid, the next morning they put Xiaoqing put." Xiaoqing brother said. Xiaoqing from the den in the day, Baiyun police that is organized police investigation into the case,christian louboutin paris, was arrested a place of prostitution and pimping provide a shopkeeper, while several other rescued girls were detained. May 13, police clues, turn Fang rescued.

Currently,louboutin soldes, the case is still under investigation,louboutin prix, police are fully appreh <a href="http://www.bresciaspiritolibero.it/woolrich-sito-ufficiale/">woolrich sito ufficiale</a> end fugitive suspects.

 ,hogan scontate;
asked Jan 6, 2016 by anonymous

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