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Qilu Network November <a href="http://www.fondazioneidra.it">nike tn pas cher</a>  28 hearing,nike tn pas cher,0640ru0gy5, accordin <a href="http://cdurable.info/spip.php?article700">0640ru0gy5</a> g to Shandong radio and television public television channel "frontline police" reporte <a href="http://www.postyournipples.com">Rent A Tent Atlanta And Save Money</a> d August 2, 2004, working in Jinan Ding Mou,Rent A Tent Atlanta And Save Money, because a good friend wronged himself stole his cell phone, huff Friends killed and buried. Public security organs to evade capture, Ding began to flee the road for eight years. Until mid-November this year, the police finally Dingmou brought to justice.
Aug <a href="http://www.lab-bar.it">scrape hogan</a> ust 6, 2004, Jinan flyover Area a man whose body was found inside the construction site of the bunker. Police said the man found his body a few knives, the estimated time of death about four days ago, that is, on August 2. Police determined according to the identity card of the deceased,, the deceased, surnamed Li, working in construction, and former co-workers who died that day Ding met. Police visited the survey found by Lee happen in his lifetime but had problems with their phone is lost before workers Ding had a disagreement, the two after the August 2 meeting, and no one saw Ding. When police raided the dormitory of Ding Mou, Ding found a pair of male shoes under the be <a href="http://www.super-mamie-jacqueline.fr">barbour Soldes</a> d, on top of the shoes and the scene the same sticky sediment and suspicious blood.
All aspects of the evidence pointing arrow Ding Mou, while a major crime suspects Dingmou, then evaporated like a the same from others, disappeared without a trace. For eight years,, the police have done a lot of investigative visits to work until November this year, finally got an important clue: Ding could be hiding in Qingdao! Police analysis,scrape hogan, because Ding is 81 years, relatively young, for the Internet should be more interested in the police in the village a few cafes as an important place to have targeted the months of waiting, the past eight years because investigators facial features Ding Mou It lies at the heart, on the afternoon of November 11,barbour Soldes, Ding appeared in one cafe,, already squatting for a long time investigators arrested him.
After the arrest of Ding heavy sigh of relief, he told police he had been waiting for this day to come, and now finally freed. Ding said the suspect, he found a girlfriend, can not give each other a sense of security, does not give the other party destination, each talked about not long separated. Check the identity of a saw was afraid,canada goose pas cher, we are trying to hide. Now my heart has finally landed a stone.
Upon review, Ding Mou confessed to the crime on their own. According to Ding Mou account, Lee himself wronged stole his cell phone did not say, also told <a href="http://www.site-de-blackjack.fr">canada goose pas cher</a>  his own family. August 2, 2004, Lee once again about to meet him and ask for the phone, the two had a heated argument, angry and chopped the number of knife Ding Mou will carry a machete causing Lee to death. Police said the deceased was one of Dingmou best friend, in fact,8I87pOhkmY, this phone is not the Ding Mou steal the deceased lost phone, they found the visits by detailed, in fact, look at the video when the deceased left behind in the video parlors.
Editor: There is a saying called "Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud,T7dgateN6A," even if had been wronged, it is not necessary to use such extreme measures to deal with. Flight path eight years, has let a lot of things  white. Hopefully Ding Mou experience it can bring enlightenment, failing to do not impulse, one may slip into the eternal hate.
asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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