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Yan Ting  <a href="http://www.sddistribution.fr/contacts.php">nike air max 90</a> after the acc <a href="http://www.appaltipubblici.it/link.php">piumini woolrich</a> ident victims, relatives rushed to the scene, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter  grief proactive  according to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter  photo (r <a href="http://palevo.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=104656/index.php">b7JfP7pdnq</a> emake)
Young girls hospital door knocked down and killed by bus
Read three young girls in Hunan Yan Ting, Mother's Day this year went to Dongguan to visit working mom, I did not expect it in the day before, lost their lives under the wheels of a bus. After the tragedy, relatives fou <a href="http://www.boccondivino.com/link.php">piumini woolrich</a> nd by looking at the video, a lot of inappropriate measures in the accident bus driver exist - neither reasonable avoidance, but not in time after the butt hospital. Incident occurred in the 50 meters, there is a hospital clinic, the doctor involved in the rescue, says that if the injured sent one minute early, chances of survival will be greater.
Yangcheng Evening News reporter Tang Bo
Under the video recording showed the driver stayed in the car for ten minutes afterwards
May 9 7:00 am 40 minutes,nike air max 90, Wan Long Road and Dongguan Dongcheng Guangming Road junction, 17-year-old Yan Ting Donghua high school dormitory bike just came out, ready to  <a href="http://bbs.2jr.biz/forum.php?mod=viewthread
asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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