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it has been shown to be sent to the Baotou City.

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The <a href="http://www.evcforum.net">in accordance with relevant r</a>  two Chinese cigarettes worth 1380, as a New Year gift sent as far away relativ <a href="">b42mTb56CW</a> es in Inner Mongolia,in accordance with relevant r, but years have passed finishe <a href="http://www.orangesite.it/temp.php">moncler outlet milano</a> d a month ago sent a gift but unaccounted for, which makes Mr. Gao who lives in Xianyang asking this question.
Public: "In all been finished,b42mTb56CW, what not to."
Mr. Gao, who lives in Xianyang has relatives far away in Inner Mongolia before the Spring Festival, he wanted to send New Year wishes to dista <a href="http://www.yanncapet.fr/link.php">tn reuqin pas cher</a> nt relatives in the form of a gift by mail.
"Online public commitment to three days to reach the Inner Mongolia." Mr. Gao said, February 8 to his relatives in Baotou, Inner Mongolia sent a value of 1,380 yuan two Chinese cigarettes in Xianyang City, three Cape Post. After the gifts sent, Mr. Gao specially sent a text message to relatives, let the other note that check their own New Year's gift sent.
Because it is New Year gifts to send to relatives, Mr. Gao extra attention. Parcels mailed the next day, he would log on EMS official website, that his delivery was 8 evening around 11:50, leaving Xi'an sent to the processing center in Baotou City. But let Mr. Gao did not expect that the next few days the results of his in <a href="http://www.associationflainoise.fr/spip.php?article164">d purchased it at your local store.</a> quiry logistics information are the same,, the information is not updated, it has been shown to be sent to the Baotou City.
February 11, realized that was wrong of Mr. Gao call inquiry, customer service gave him the answer is, "and so on." "Not to wait until the New Year," Mr. Gao quickly send a text message to relatives interpretation,moncler outlet milano, let patience. Let Mr. Gao angry, "have been finished years, something not to."
Post: If you can not pay by International 3 times
February 23 (fifth lunar month), Mr. Gao call to ask again, customer service told him,tn reuqin pas cher, "If long found, can compensate." Later,d purchased it at your local store.,louboutin pas cher, he found that postal staff just to answer to him to find, but still no results. March 10,so my heart unhappy, EMS mailing list Mr. Gao held display, February 8, he had to send in Baotou, Inner Mongolia three general postal or two cigarettes. Mr. Gao said,and joy, because it is a gift sent to relatives,talking about how to use internet marketing are some of the contents of a lot of money., if the insured value of the goods need to fill in the mailing list, he felt so wrong, therefore, for goods not conducted insured.
For parcels sent a month received none, Xianyang City
asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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