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A clean record (four)

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Back when

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< p > discharged just three days,nike tn pas cher, the old man regardless of my tearful face and bloody body. And I are in a relationship, I do not know is he too cunning, or I neglect prevention. This time, I don't even have to fight.

Time: 2012-01-08         read: Source: short literary author guhun ghost

 every day will feel tired, do not know the <a href="http://www.stclementconduite.fr">canada goose femme pas cher</a>  body is tired, or by the heart out of old. A sincere person, easy to be hurt by others; a good person, easy to be cheated by others, and eventually how to die do not know, and I think, perhaps the more good people live more tired, the more pain. I do not know when, I can free yourself, to do a free and easy,sac goyard soldes, so don't be all that this stumble?

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 for second days, the old man came. Bought a gas stove, electric cooker and so on to give me cook. So shameful story how dare I say it so that the face of exports, they asked the landlord, I only keep silent. Because I have no money, I went to the labor service to see the work that afternoon, but the body is too weak, and finally decided not to go. In the evening,tn pas cher, after washing my feet, I sat in bed with the hard to put the medicine in the palace of the medicine, I really do not want to drink it. But what can I do? No money, and watched the three meals a  <a href="http://www.pmtraining.fr">sac goyard soldes</a> day will not meet, how to do? What should I do, I think about it in bed. Suddenly the old man climbed onto the bed, and
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asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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