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A youth inspirational article _ youth inspirationa

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"hold on to yo <a href="http://www.stockholmculturaltours.co.uk">michael kors outlet uk</a> ur dream, live out the hope"

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      for so many years in so dispirited, lost in the streams of people busily coming and going sometimes think that <a href="http://www.studiodesenfants.fr">tn requin pas cher</a> ,michael kors outlet uk, if I can insist that, if someone can always encourage me, maybe my life will not be like this now, but now I finally understand that any external interference should not they become their own reasons, suffering should not become a stumbling block to my dream.

      for many years, there is no dream, no hope, no longer yearn for the pursuit, have long <a href="http://www.annasia.fr">sac goyard pas cher</a>  been accustomed to the status quo, even on their own with decadent! Is this still me? I have the ideal? I have the pursuit of it? Those young arrogant, those who have heroic utterance, where is it? I came to realize that the childhood dream had been discarded himself in a corner, just like this little book. I will even make up some childish lies to deceive myself,woolrich outlet, in order to give my own self decadent to find an excuse! Over the past ten years, I lost to myself!

      in childhood, I had a dream when the poet,tn requin pas cher, so Wang Guozhen is fond of light, his poem I wrote several big, often read these beautiful poems, will have a dream that one day the text can also be like him, who was lov <a href="http://www.cioccolatodamora.it">tiffany co outlet</a> e. However, when far away from the school,sac goyard pas cher, when the heavy farm work tired physically and mentally, I no longer in a leisurely and carefree mood to read those who love poem. Until later married, had a child,tiffany co outlet, it is logical to start a housewife, live the ordinary day too observant of conventional standards. The beautiful dream, have broken up in the kitchen utensils of the crash,canada goose pas cher, once dream, once the pride, was himself deeply buried.

      occasionally, to find their own past to write a small collection of poems in a corner, a devout read it was beautiful poem,woolrich sito ufficiale, somewhat childish but sincere, although formal romantic. Read his own mind Xiaoyu, suddenly some dare to face myself.

      from now on, I must change my attitude towards life, challenge myself from the mediocre,uggs soldes, the suffering as a driving force. I should rise up now,moncler sito ufficiale, and give my heart to hope,michael kors factory outlet, not the past. Is the so-called: the day will be down to the great man also,hogan outlet, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, hunger. Perhaps this is the fate of my test,moncler outlet online, why I can not live in the experience of life as a kind of wealth? Remember my friend once said to me: "art comes from life, and higher than life". Yes,moncler outlet online, if there is no experience,nike tn pas cher, and will not have my life today, I feel,scarpe golden goose, so, I should also be grateful for this k <a href="http://www.jetaimetuesparfaitchange.fr">canada goose pas cher</a> ind of suffering? Glad to have this experience? < >
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asked Jan 7, 2016 by anonymous

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