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intern reporter Han Dapeng

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WASHINGTON (intern repor <a href="http://www.trainminiatureoutlet.fr/">moncler femme</a> ter Han Dapeng) yesterday  <a href="http://www.kakakuh.jp">http://www.kakakuh.jp</a> morning, in Xuanwu District, Siping Taoranting Park District, Building 8, live in the 12 floors of a man with a key reason not  <a href="http://orangebeer.com/fantasy/fantasy.cgi">http://orangebeer.com/fantasy/fantasy.cgi</a> to go home, I want to drill outside the window into the room in a hollow patio, results accidentally falling, but fortunately was four layers of protective fence outside the window, "then" live. Attentive neighbor heard a faint cry for help, in time to discover. The man body four fractur <a href="http://www.fondation-balafenn.fr/">air max 90</a> es, multiple abrasions, now out of danger.
According to residents of Lee Building 8,moncler femme, yesterday zero,http://www.kakakuh.jp, she heard the "bang" of a sound in the room, and then out of the window and heard a "crackling" sound of the collision, "I thought it was someone pots fall a. " After half a minute, the building of more than a pet dog began barking. Ling 20 points or so,http://orangebeer.com/fantasy/fantasy.cgi, a man outside the building and heard a faint cry for help, she tracks the sound and found a high level of living in the building,air max 90, a man slumped on the 4th floor of an inner courtyard fence iron frame windows, double ha <a href="http://www.heilkraeuter.de">http://www.heilkraeuter.de</a> lf hanging on the outside of the leg. The man facial scuff marks,http://www.heilkraeuter.de,louboutin outlet, and claim that their arms and legs may fracture, the need for medical treatment as soon as possible.
After the incident,http://oz10info.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread
asked Oct 31, 2015 by anonymous

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answered Dec 10, 2015 by zrpnnjmxu