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Girl's belly was signifi <a href="http://www.moutie-chehaider.fr/louboutin-chaussures/">louboutin chaussures</a> cantl <a href="http://www.riccardoreim.it/swarovski-collane/">swarovski collane</a> y elevated.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter ZENG Wen photo coverage but an unkempt looks delicate girl appeared on the streets these days democ <a href="http://www.netopremotecontrol.it/hollister-milano/">hollister milano</a> racy manhole western industrial park,louboutin chaussures, daytime eating food aid enthusiastic people sleep at night under the eaves street shops. Surprisingly,swarovski collane, this wandering girl has cherished three or four months pregnant, and her age but 16 years old. So far,hollister milano, she even had a clue who the <a href="http://www.gauche28.fr/swarovski-lunette-de-soleil/">swarovski lunette de soleil</a>  father is the stomach.


Girls night sleeping under the eaves roadside

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Yesterday afternoon, said the member of the public told reporters reflect Ting, a young girl suspected in the factory by the stimulus, eat or drink in the street for several days, is very poor. When reporters arrived at the scene to find the girl, the girl was wearing a red white striped dress, small arms,dior lunette de soleil, and feet swollen. At that time, she was lying on a table in front of a grocery store under the shade of hair loose. Hear the reporter's call, she looked up slightly. Reporters saw the girl eyebrows repair was neat,cinture louis vuitton, also described there eye shadow,asics running pas cher, and although his face dark with grime, but conceal their delicate.


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Nearby residents came up, girls express pity and care of the heart. According to many residents,tiffany ciondoli, has three days to the girl appeared in this area, at night and sleep on the roadside shop roof. There, reporters saw a straw mat, and even blankets are not. She never demanded food to people, residents see her eat or drink, I feel miserable, take the initiative to charity some food for her to eat.

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She has been pregnant at least three months pregnant

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She looked faintly like,peuterey outlet, a reporter asked her hungry, she wrote in the paper, "eat eat" his words. So the presence of reporters and bought her a member of the public water and bread to eat. She took it, they gobble up. At first, she told reporters irrelevant answers questions,baskets golden goose, then it seems a bit sober. According to her,peuterey, her surname Chen,golden goose, Sichuan. But in Shenzhen there are no relatives,air max pas chèr, who their parents are, with or without contact, how to Shenzhen,hogan lovells italy, the availability of these issues into the factory work, etc., all she could not answer. Reporters found her belly high uplift, scene of a woman touched her stomach after that she was pregnant at least three months pregnant. Reporters asked her who have been bullied previously available, or by any stimulus, she also shook his head.

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She even who is the father of unborn children are unknown. The presence of many residents of the girls expressed concern about the health and personal safety. "For three days, and no one to manage. Go on like this,  <a href="http://www.tiarnodisopra.it/cinture-louis-vuitton/">cinture louis vuitton</a> the child's life can really be ruined." It is said that last night, there was a young man when the girl sleeping while trying to close to her,ceinture diesel, was found residents in a timely manner Hongzou.


After learning the relevant circumstances,chapeau 47brand, reporters followed the girl to help manhole police station for help. A police officer know this girl, said a week ago, the security guard brought the girl to the Institute, the police recorded her statement, also took her to nearby family tracing, to no avail. Police then be sent to the rescue shelter, then I do not know why the girl, and ran out.


After receiving the correspondent alarm call, police the girl back to the police station. A police said they would send the girl to the hospital for check-ups, and then do everything possible to help the family contact, if it can not find, do not rule out sending her to accept the rescue shelter rescue possible.


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