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zapatillas converse Nanjing at most this set."

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Superimp <a href="http://www.danielblot.fr/rayban-lunette-de-vue/">rayban lunette de vue</a> osed  <a href="http://www.religion-aktuell.com/tag/sapato-louboutin-valor/">sapato louboutin valor</a> villas offer a $ 3 million homeowners actually declared as high as 1.8 million renovation costs,rayban lu <a href="http://www.looxbycamille.fr/chapeau-paris/">chapeau paris</a> nette de vue, but also requires home decoration section of less than 100 million "showings on a free." Reporters yesterday in Nanjing, some sites saw an article entitled "The sale of most cattle property in Nanjing,sapato louboutin valor," the post caused netizens hot, homeowners practices, netizens mixed.

The "most cattle Nanjing second-han <a href="http://www.visiodetente.fr/louboutin-homme-basket/">louboutin homme basket</a> d housing" is located in Xuanwu Lake, it is a 150 m2 of superimposed villas. Reporters in Xicihutong "second-hand housing transactions" section saw, posting the friends said,chapeau paris, this villa there are 3 Bath Room 4 2 2 1 Kitchen Yang, a total area of 150 square meters, plus can be used as the master bedroom The 130 square meters of the attic, main posts that "the house is very spacious." In fact, a large area is not "the most cattle," the real reason,louboutin homme basket, the main post also details of this house decoration standards, people looked really stunned.

"Japanese original Mitsubishi air conditioning,golden goose donna, 169,500 yuan; Italian Beret <a href="http://www.lanificioalma.it/golden-goose-donna/">golden goose donna</a> ta heating system, 85,614 yuan; design and interior decoration project costs 297,000 yuan; US BOSE home theater system 47,600 yuan; living room Panasonic plasma 42 inches, 28,000 yuan; German monitoring access control system,spaccio woolrich milano, 109,547 yuan; Italy Coma bathroom facilities, 164,574 yuan ...... "This series of staggering price of only a very small part of the list of homeowner lists a total of 44,cappelli adidas, the entire renovation price of 1.6 million yuan, plus transport and labor and other charges, the owner said that the decoration of two years spent at least 1.8 million,asics brasil, and the house is only 3 million offer,louboutin femme prix, "want it quickly,giubbotti peuterey, Nanjing at most this set."

In the post, the owner said,golden goose sneakers mid star, this room "bull" is not just a question of money, no one can afford the energy consumption, "the owner said he spent a lot of company resources and manpower, if they do, then" Non-exhausted can not. "homeowners said,louboutin pigalle pas cher," Those who own less than 1 million renovation ladies and look at articles like,parajumpers uk, showings on a free "because" different values. "

For this "most cattle hand housing", netizens mixed. Some users said that high-end decoration plus top lots, this house sell 3 million is the value, but most users are homeowners reported a renovated section question. Some netizens said Panasonic plasma 42 inches offer 28,oakley lunette de vue,000 yuan, bu <a href="http://www.mafaldacommunity.it/spaccio-woolrich-milano/">spaccio woolrich milano</a> t now the new is still less than 10,000 yuan, not to mention second-hand goods. There are users that are listed in three set-top boxes homeowner to 2,gucci bracciali,640 yuan,chapeau hip hop, while only about half the market. Most users said that homeowners declared "the most cattle" people looked uncomfortable, if there is sincerity, it should be put into the current list price of second-hand, so that buyers consider fishes.

Intermediaries have speculated that this house should be located in the vicinity of the village Suojin prosperity Monte,collana tiffany, now this place is Xuanwu Lake villas average price of second-hand housing is about 20,000 yuan per square meter, that is, offer and gives homeowners basic line, the owner said "the most cattle" a bit exaggerated.

The source pointed out that the current real estate market is not the economy, the homeowner may be in order to attract attention, so it deliberately used "the most cattle," the word of concern, so that it can sell as soon as possible in the hands of the listings. (Ma Jo wave)

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asked Nov 25, 2015 by anonymous

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