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what magic can attract hundreds of thousands of "fans" mean

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New <a href="http://www.sendaimeiten.com">http://www.sendaimeiten.com</a> spaper repor <a href="http://mountainbikeogliastra.it/">Piumini moncle</a> ter Zhu Lizhen newspaper correspondent Xu Wenrong text / photo
470 000 "fans", the vast majority of microblogging use <a href="http://www.massviolence.fr/">louboutin soldes</a> rs dream, but a figure unmatched by it.
Jin Hua Wuyi can be an ordinary police has done. Wong Jing (microblogging) is the local police station Pot,http://www.sendaimeiten.com, his microblogging, Sina microblogging real-name authentication of Fame "ranking police", the fan volume ranking first in the c <a href="http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1">http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1</a> ountry. A grassroots police, how to microblogging "management" was so fast?
>> Hot overnight "fans" by the ten thousand
470 000 "fans",Piumini moncle, talking about this, 32-year-old Wang in Beijing surprised himself.
"I did not think there will be such a good effect," Wang in Beijing is a "80", like new things, last April 26, look microblogging rage, Wong Jing also published the first Sina Weibo, Broadcast police cases.
In the police station,louboutin soldes, exposed to new things every day,http://www.aurosiksha.org/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, after the king in Beijing to put these little things in life  <a href="http://www.opco.it">hogan outlet online</a> and work to weave microblogging.
One day, when Wang in Beijing on duty to deal with the cases together fights caused by jealousy for his girlfriend.
After handling the case, Wang in Beijing has begun to "weave" microblogging, live broadcast of the case,hogan outlet online,http://www.shimabara.jp/sin-shallot/ibbs/ibbs.cgi, the parties in the case does not involve privacy, also made a scene picture.
"I did not expect more than 100 users reviews,moncler sito ufficiale, as well as more than 30 reprint," Wang in Beijing realized only through the microblogging can enhance police and feelings, but also to disseminate safety knowledge, "I think microblogging is a good platform."
Gradually, Wang in Beijing became a "microblogging control", the first thing to go to work every day is to find cases micro-Bo, 140 words microblogging,http://swagbrigade.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=82451#p82451, illustrated,http://www.pokretzanasgrad-pale.org, there is the case, there are safety reminder, and his words still no lack of humor.
"One day there are as many 10,000 people plus me." This allows Wang to Beijing overjoyed. After a year of operation, is now king in Beijing Weibo almost every day hundreds of user comments.
>> Emergency forwarded 20,000 times, more than 5,hogan outlet online,000 pieces,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/n-tops-2-topism.html <a href="http://www.shimabara.jp/sin-shallot/ibbs/ibbs.cgi">http://www.shimabara.jp/sin-shallot/ibbs/ibbs.cgi</a> , Harbin heroes find liver
"This year, August 7, I opened it, and found that there are a private letter, sent to me by an old hole." Police old hole Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department of the police, is the king of online friends in Beijing.
Old hole told the king in Beijing, won the Ministry of Public Security a winning heroes Harbin Public Security Bureau police station director Wang Ying Song Fengshan Town, was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, the need to find a suitable liver transplant.
9:33 the same day, Wang in Beijing for the comrades issued a microblogging: "Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau police Wang Ying rooted deep in the mountains, service people, received a heroes Ministry of Public Security and other awards, unfortunately suffering from severe liver disease, must in the short term salvage liver transplant. to be found quickly for Wang Ying of O-type blood donor, and continued the policeman hero's life, please turn fast friends. "
Let Wang in Beijing unexpected is issued only half a day, the amount of this microblogging forwarding on up to 2 million times, the message reached more than 5,000, is the day of Sina microblogging is forwarded and click on the most, many celebrities are constantly forwarding, and Sina Weibo Home rolling broadcast.
Soon, in August 24, and Wang Ying indicators consistent donor liver source found; August 25, after five hours of surgery, Wang in Beijing received good news: Successful surgery; at 21:00 on September 1 more , Wang Ying to never met Wang in Beijing, a phone call, just to say "thank you."
Wang police officers teach three measures "speculation" hot microblogging
A basic level of ordinary police, what magic can attract hundreds of thousands of "fans" mean?
Yesterday, Wang in Beijing to teach the recipe unique offerings trick.
The first one: Enough IN
"First of humor, know how popular the language," the king in Beijing, it seems, microblogging is updated every second, in order to attract the eye of friends, we must first reach "in". Look at Wang in Beijing microblogging, often see "hold live" and the most popular words, "If it is boring to broadcast the case, nobody will see, the effect is not good."
The second measure: Title gimmick
Wang in Beijing Weibo also has a feature that has a title.
"I will take every microblogging a title," such as "police teach you how to buy moon cake", "after 80", "16" palace, "face has turned the" robber "," clearly these Title Subject and each are eye-catching.
The third measure: illustrations
Wang in Beijing issued a microblogging actually not that much, 416 a day on average, it was only twelve.
"Less quantity,http://associationflainoise.fr/spip.php?article81/, but the quality is bette <a href="http://www.cral-tlc.it/">moncler sito ufficiale</a> r," Wang said in Beijing, an intuitive picture can add a lot of points, "Some cases will feature live pictures, and some find with maps,http://www.clarityenglish.com/englishonline/index.php?item/create_form/1, so users more pleasant to read."
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asked Nov 25, 2015 by anonymous

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