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September 18 morning, 84-y <a href="http://partners.berea.edu/wp-woolrich-a.php">woolrich outlet</a> ear-old Wu pickup Huainan sister lying on her daugh <a href="http://mastervda.fr/">nike tn pas cher</a> ter just bought a movable pushing the bed, because the family was forced down by the excavator, she has been homeless, living in temporary only daug <a href="http://www.alzbrain.org/health_care_professional.cgi">TXk01Nd6qb</a> hter Family. The same day, her daughter  also lying on a hospital bed unable to move because of thoracic injuries, doctors said could cause paralysis.
Night house demolished
In a hospital bed,woolrich outlet,  because thoracic compression fractures associated with spondylolisthesis, has been lying can not get up. "I was gang Chai Fangzi people to tear do <a href="http://www.loop-pw.com">WW0sy1I1RB</a> wn a fall."  said she and her mother lived together, Sept. 16 at 7 pm,nike tn pas cher, her mother wanted to take a bath, she and sister sub-wheeled together The mother sent bathhouse, sister sub left to give her mother a bath, she went back home.
When she came to the door of the alley, found surrounded by many people, she used a flashlight to a photo, surprised to find nobody home, and all his possessions wholly buried in the ruins. Then, she saw Chai Fangzi excavator he tried to leave, she jumped excavator keep away, the result was pushed down from above and fell face down on the ground unable to move. After that,TXk01Nd6qb, she choked back pain with a cell phone to call 110 the police.
"Mother bathing back and saw the family house did not, then you speechless with rage."  w <a href="http://www.badel.org">oPlODqbgA8</a> ife Liu Huai Cheng said her mother now live in temporary homes, has been bedridden with anger,WW0sy1I1RB, a few days without food things; because of injury in the thoracic and Pangmei, the doctor said is likely to cause paralysis, which made him very anxious.
Ruins buried belongings
Wu Mei pick up his wife called Jiming, Huainan City Transport Company in Spring Hill Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Spring Hill Branch) retired cadres, the county level to enjoy the treatment. They are halfway couples, on June 16, 1992 registration of marriage. That year, it was built in Spring Hill Branch of the house allocated to Jiming residential use,oPlODqbgA8, then the couple have been living here. In May 2006,piumini woolrich outlet, after the death count Ming, Wu pickup houses still living sister used to take care of Wu Mei pick up life, Liu Huai into a also moved in.
In early 2007, Spring Hill Branch due to the development and utilization of the land of the house,ywIeq2AK8E, pick up the requirements of Wu Mei returned home. After the two sides dispute, Spring Hill Branch will pick up Mei Wu to court to require the return of Wu Mei pick up houses. Court of First Instance that, as a widow,peuterey outlet online, sister Wu Jiming pick enjoys public housing residency,rGAFUPwBVy, dismissed the claims Quanshan branch. Spring Hill Branch refused to accept an appeal,pqOHKctYsN, but the court still upheld the original verdict.
"This place is a house, we played two lawsuits, the two trial courts have sentenced us in favor, the result did not keep the house." Sept. 18 at noon, Liu Huai came to be pushed into the house at, standing o <a href="http://wamediators.org/woolrich-a.php">piumini woolrich outlet</a> n the ruins He looked very helpless. Buried TV, refrigerator and computers belongings, as well as the mother Wu Mei pick up jewelry, cash and other items under the rubble, because of  care in the hospital, he did not have time to clean up the rubble.
The police have been involved in the investigation
September 18 at noon, the reporter picked up in Wu sister's daughter home, to see the old man was lying in a bed pushed activity eyed, reporters and their talk, the elderly will only shook his head, unable to speak a word. Wheelchair stood beside the bed, this is the night to take a bath when the old man, the only undamaged property brought out from their homes.
"This year in April, the family had been to a group of people, with tools demolitions of houses, then the windows and doors shatter, also smashed to the floor,louboutin homme, we alarm,u38n2odP63, police stopped them to come to the demolitions." Liu Huai Cheng said that this person came under the cloak again forced evictions, too sudden.
The evening of September 18, the reporter learned from the local police,dmrBCWg6A9, the police have been involved in the investigation, removal of Wu Mei pick up what people home housing, relocation procedures, such as whether there is still under investigation and evidence collection.
Newspaper reporter text /
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