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Youth has a dream in the distance

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children's fa <a href="http://www.niketnspascher.fr">tn requin pas cher</a> ntasy is not the end of the horizon. When the light Song Village in Qinggi <a href="http://www.viavenetonline.it">woolrich parka bologna</a> l in the pile rubbed her eyes to wake up,tn requin pas cher, and have filled the hills, in the blue sky white clouds seemed to drop from t <a href="http://www.cnam-saintdenissarcelles.fr">ugg soldes</a> he clouds. Qinghe around the village pile running quietly in the bay where cool, Wutong bridge turned into her shoulder,woolrich parka bologna, the crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs is her flowing rhyme, fan around the heart, lingering ear. Children to climb up the hill, the top of the hills, where you can at a glance to see all <a href="http://www.myosteohautesalpes.fr">air max femme pas cher</a>  the sheep and cattle, but also overlooking the boundless and is full of fantasy.

< p > youth dream in the distance, the distance is the blood of youth in pursuit of passion, like the desire of the desert oases in the spring,ugg soldes, like mountains of water of love,air max femme pas cher, like the blue sky white clouds against the attachment,hogan interactive, like birds of the forest of regret. Passionate mood and like burning in the youth heart,ugg soldes, let the youth full of passion,tiffany outlet, the power is unlimited.

Time:     2015-06-11; reading:     source: users recommend the Greek Aegean Sea< p > like dandelion seeds always withstand wind and rain,nike tn pas cher, struggling to f <a href="http://www.circolodidatticobormio.it">hogan interactive</a> ly to where you want to go,mulberry bags uk, then immersed himself in the fertile soil, rooting, germination, growth until the life and will be another ignorant unknown journey of life. Life is always sailing, no matter how bumpy and difficult journey, the youth have a dream, she in the distance.

< p > for the youth in some dry, some taste the bitterness of the endless,nike tn pas cher, endless sweat and tears flow, some does not go as far as the thorns bumpy road, experience of wind,calzature gucci outlet, frost,alexander mcqueen uk, rain and snow. Youth fixed at eighteen years old, is doomed not to ordinary. Hemingway's story, the old man with the youth interpretation of life take the bull by the horns and courage of the song of youth; Ostrovsky's story, Paul youth written on a piece of patriotic love affection, surging in the heart; the love of the hawthorn tree, youth because of love and touching. Youth, although the possession of too many are bitter, but because there is a dream, everyone can be different, everyone can be moved because of the youth.

< p > youth, there is a kind of power and passion will drive you reside footsteps, that kind of power and passion from childhood is those eager to get involved in the distance, the children's eyes. Whether in front of the towering waves,mulberry outlet sale, the waves of the ocean or thorns everywhere, swamps covered the road,ugg boots outlet, or sleet, foggy weather, we will bravely through, so that the youth leave good memories. Because the youth have a dream in <a href="http://www.bottesuggspaschere.fr">ugg soldes</a>  the distance, there is a choice of no choice will always make a choice in youth!

< p > when the children's fantasy have day waves of passion in the blood Pentium tumble, and potential such as heat flow in the crater like desire will be straight jiuxiao outbreak of youth would have direct distance of footprint. Dream of the childhood ridge between the left the hills overlooking the looming in the dream, and the childhood desire to set foot in the distant dream will sail away in the youth.

 when the tide of youth in the middle of the night and return to her quiet, the distance of our total in the intersection of youth back, back to the old tree tree,moncler outlet, regardless of the mother's tears.

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