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November 10 <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/chapeau-hip-hop/">chapeau hip hop</a>  morning 6 am,chapeau hip hop, more than 20 patients arrived at the <a href="http://www.viasuworow.com/category/tenis-da-asics/">tenis da asics</a>  train station attracted Road 235 from the front of a clinic across the province, waiting to be folks who spread the word of mouth pain doctors a sol <a href="http://www.elettromarnate.it/peuterey-torino/">peuterey torino</a> ution for them,tenis da asics, did not I thought he was a woman posing as a nurse and associates in order to charge registration fees on the grounds cheated more than 7,000 yuan. After the incident, the Public Security Bureau Chengguan Village police involved in the investigation of solidarity.

A registra <a href="http://www.viasuworow.com/category/chuteira-society-asics/">chuteira society asics</a> tion fee of up to 700 yuan

November 10 morning 6 am, arrived all the way from Lanzhou Zhangye Wang,peuterey torino, with a sick mother for many years, arrived at the train station in front of a clinic Road when found in front of the clinic for more than ten than patients in the queue. Soon,chuteira society asics, a man wearing a white lab coat, wearing a white mask women and a young man came to the waiting team, white coat, white mask, so that Ms. Wang what to think of this woman is a clinic nurse. Nurse dressed women claiming to be the daughter of the old Chinese medicine, but it is also a nurse clinic, "nurse" while crying, everyone from her collar number, while waiting on each patient requires diagnosis and treatment of illness reported to need,  <a href="http://www.innovation-rouen.fr/tag/louboutin-passion/">louboutin passion</a> and pay the registration fee classification. "500 yuan! How expensive registration fee " Although I think the registration fee is too high, but to the early lifting of the mother's illness, Ms. Wang was the money into the hands of the nurse,louboutin passion, after which she took a written numbers small ticket,ed hardy bracelets, other patients also pay a range of 300-700 yuan registration fee. After the "nurse" harvested registration fee and then tell them to wait a little longer,sapatos louboutin, the doctor came, followed by treatment in accordance with a small ticket.

23 people cheated more than 7,000 yuan

7 o'clock in the morning,hogan uomo, a middle-aged woman and an old man has walked into the clinic. After that,christian louboutin pas cher, Ms. Wang suddenly heard the old man waiting to go in the first person,golden goose deluxe brand homme, he said: "!. You fooled the clinic to patients waiting for hair number, but does not charge a registration fee." They knew, the original money in the morning. " nurse "is a liar.

According to the reporter, the first morning clamoring to pay a registration fee of male patients and the "nurse" went to the scene and, according to the patient cheated reflect that the man paid the registration fee after disappeared. According to the surrounding residents that same morning, a man riding a motorcycle has been waiting in the clinic downstairs, and afterwards, wearing a white lab coat, "nurse" and the first registration of a man ride with the motorcycle left the clinic.

Police to apprehend crooks

The same day at 11 am,monc <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/ed-hardy-bracelets/">ed hardy bracelets</a> ler france recrutement, the reporter interviewed the incident clinic visits 李贵霖 old Chinese daughter, she told reporters that he did help in his father's clinic, admissions when father that morning,louis vuitton bracelets, women dressed in the morning a nurse 7:00 ago to the front of the clinic, to 23 patients waiting to receive a total of more than 7,air max femme,000 yuan registration fee. So they immediately call the alarm call,peuterey donna, and soon they united Village police station rushed to the scene.李贵霖 daughter told reporters, although patient clinics would issuance Arranging waiting list, but not to charge registration fees. Because patients from all over the province cheated that day, economic constraints, so the day clinic patients some relief for medical expenses.

It is understood that unity Village police station full pursuit of criminals according to the clues provided by the masses deceived.

Our reporter YAO Zhi


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asked Dec 4, 2015 by anonymous

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