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golden goose sneakers seastar Chinese Red Cross Foundation official says

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■ "Cui exposure 8 'fake' rural teachers' Track <a href="http://www.solubat33.fr/asics-trail/">asics trail</a> ing

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According t <a href="http://www.danielblot.fr/ceinture-versace/">ceinture versace</a> o the Xinhua News Agency reported that Cui exposure Heilongjiang Province eight officials, under the guise of the identi <a href="http://www.ume36.it/tiffany-orecchini/">tiffany orecchini</a> ty of rural teachers,ceinture versace, rural teachers to attend workshops hosted by Cui Community Foundation, the eight people from Bei'an and Xinqing District,tiffany orecchini, Yichun City,doudoune moncler homme pas cher, Heilongjiang Province, were any education Bureau deputy director,dior occhiali da sole, director and primary school principals and other duties.


At prese <a href="http://www.kidchoun.fr/doudoune-moncler-homme-pas-cher/">doudoune moncler homme pas cher</a> nt the false official Yizao retreat back, Heilongjiang two people were responsible for the education sector officials in rural teacher training on the issue of apology.

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We have to pay the costs borne by the individual

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Bei'an Secretary for Education,negozi woolrich bologna, said Jiang Ping, deputy director of the council in the case of receipt of notification and no reported training, contrary to the requirements, to conceal the true identity, unauthorized arrange four township elementary school principal and a northern town through education office director, and its Beijing to participate in activities together. 6 cadres on the 19th returned after Beian,cappelli los angeles, accepted the city's inv <a href="http://www.riccardoreim.it/dior-occhiali-da-sole/">dior occhiali da sole</a> estigation, they have recognized the error and write a written examination. Bei'an government said that in accordance with the regulations, strictly and promptly deal with those responsible.


Bei'an government, North Safety Foundation and the Department of Education to cui all walks of life who love to express my deep regret and decided that the Foundation has paid a total of more than 10,400 yuan 6 personal expenses borne by the individual concerned.


Yichun City Xinqing District Secretary for Education,gucci, said the local training very cherish this opportunity, open the EDB team will determine,basket tn, two Department of Education officials and three elementary school teachers to participate in training. "Taking into account the sub-bureau in the capital rare opportunity to learn with Professor Gao Cengci lecture,chloé lunette de soleil, so a combination of selection in order to maximize learning outcomes achieved, after coming back from the different levels of secondary teacher training, and did not take into account other problem. "At present,cinture ferragamo, two officials of Yichun City Xinqing District has been returned back.


Local Red Cross assist in the investigation


Chinese Red Cross Foundation official says: "'Cui public funds' is a master fund will be set up under me,gucci occhiali da vista, and it has a 'rural teacher training' list of rural welfare projects ...... Teachers reported in Beian City in Heilongjiang Province,tiffany roma, The local director of education,coach occhiali da sole, a primary school principal as a 'teacher' reporting,golden goose paris, counterfeit,moncler france recrutement, illegal behavior. I will list the  <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/hermes-bracelets/">hermes bracelets</a> verification,escarpins louboutin, it was found false situation, immediately repaying the fake officer has to Beijing,louboutin france pas cher, and to inform the Red Cross in consultation with the Heilongjiang Province the local education department to investigate and make further processing. "


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asked Dec 7, 2015 by anonymous

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