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chloé occhiali da sole his home is 500 meters away. Suddenly

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"I drink more, La nightclub playing out, I dri <a href="http://www.gauche28.fr/gucci-lunette-de-vue/">gucci lunette de vue</a> ve to the Shangri-La on behalf o <a href="http://www.looxbycamille.fr/ceinture-calvin-klein/">ceinture calvin klein</a> f 200 dollars ...... I sat in the back seat,gucci lunette de vue, she flung me from the back to the front ...... this car is mine, I money, you'll give me one million. If I were to open, hit  <a href="http://www.jeuneslegaret.fr/louboutin-paris/">louboutin paris</a> people, I'll take the cash and one lost one million. I'll call the bank over 5 million taken from my account out, sit here points ...... "zero o'clock yesterday morning, a silver BMW sped south along the people of South Road,ceinture calvin klein, in a loop Tiao Santa intersection, BMW will be a Chevrolet sedan Zhuangfei the intersection after he crashed into the front taxi red light, which causes a chain rear-end after three tax <a href="http://www.gommascout.it/collezione-hogan/">collezione hogan</a> i, BMW owners says. Currently, the specific cause of the accident is still under police investigation.


Lianzhuang few cars crossing Cry


Yesterday 0:30, five hit parked cars and a land of debris will Tiao Santa crossroads center almost completely blocked. Accident the BMW 523Li silver car parked on the sidewalk in front of the license plate number for the Sichuan A657T7,louboutin paris, the owner has been put on police cars police.


BMW hood severely damaged, the airbag on the steering wheel have been ejected. The first to hit the blue Chevrolet Lova sedan more injured,collezione hogan, the entire rear of the deep, the chassis and the rear hub completely deformed tilt,golden goose, even in the back seat are posted on the front seat,hogan uomo, became directly from the sedan hatchback car tank is knocked split, constantly leaking gasoline, stunned congregation greeted passers brother again and again,nike store españa, "Mo-smoking, spill it!" Anothe <a href="http://www.rignanofly.it/golden-goose/">golden goose</a> r three taxi is around damaged,hogan rebel saldi, the brother look melancholy.


Chuan A6H175 Chevrolet driver Yangyou Jun said he was driving home, turn left at the intersection waiting area waiting indicator conversion, his home is 500 meters away. Suddenly, the right rear of the car was heavily hit, the car was left in front of the Zhuangfei out seven meters. Yangyou Jun collapse,swarovski bracelets, officials fainted on the spot, and soon wake up. "I went to the BMW driver got off, he said, 'I'm sorry, right now, a good deal,' but he will have to run immediately." Another brother also said that after witnessing BMW continuous rear,hollister saldi, jumped on its driver's seat man holding a cell phone, along a loop direction and walked toward the nine Ru village. Several good brother ran forward at the same time,hogan online, it was stopped.

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At the scene, there is a taxi driver, said that before the incident saw a BMW, "Wow," the people of South click on ultra-passed from the side, "My speed is 80 yards, he is probably more than 100 yards that speed . "And a lot of the scene the driver of the vehicle was hit from the damaged appearance estimates BMW vehicle when a crash is likely to exceed the road speed limit.


Fortunately, no serious injuries unmanned


Since the incident Tiao Santa intersection in the urban downtown section, but also a time Saturday night, shortly after midnight is still a lot of traffic. Hit the car parked at the crossroads of the congregation, he stopped several north-south lanes, pass other cars had to slow down slowly. Soon after,peuterey donna nuovo, a few passing cars stuffed green center at the crossroads, the entire intersection was almost completely blocked vehicles. While traffic police deployed to divert traffic, while speeding up clean up the site,new balance, wrecker once towed a BMW and Chevrolet sedan whole,ceinture gucci, this eas <a href="http://www.naturalmentetuo.it/hogan-uomo/">hogan uomo</a> e the pressure on the people of South and along the Ring Road. 1:30, site traffic order back to normal.


And knocked several brother and Chevrolet owners have said that due to the instantaneous impact force is not small, they each experienced varying degrees of chest pain, dizziness, neck soreness and other strange, hit the taxi driver Yang Hui Chuan ATR358 forehead blood dripping, and two female passengers on the taxi has also been clutching his stomach, called "dizziness vomiting." Subsequently, they were go to hospital for a check, but fortunately did not cause illness.


So innocence generation driving run


The media lens, BMW owners said: "I drink more,oakley lunette de vue, La nightclub playing out, I give La Chauffeur Drive 200 dollars ...... I sat in the back seat, she flung me from the back to the front ... ... This car is mine, I have money, you have to 1 million I'll give. If I were to open, hit people, I'll take the cash a person lose one million. I'll call the bank came from my account to take 500 Wan out, sit here points ...... I site in Huayang, Sichuan's largest investment company. I'm going home. Wazi melon drinking before driving. "


BMW owners got into a police car police claim that he was slightly drunkenness refused:. "I can cooperate with the investigation, but you can not sit in the car and immediately gave me to call a taxi," police immediately asked to see his driver's license, he said:. "I have a driver's license,chapeau nhl, but I never do not drive, I have a professional driver, the driver in Huayang, I did not drive a car, driving on behalf of 200 dollars" from Huayang asked how to Shangri-La Hotel, BMW the owner said, "I've been in the Shangri-La, give me plenty of drive." The police have to enforce its shelf police, and sent to hold.


Reporter period saw the BMW owners took out the phone, dial a phone, he said, this number is the generation of driving the driver, but "she is gone, do not answer the phone."


In the police car, wearing a red jacket BMW owners embrace a sweater, she is curled up in the back seat close their eyes to rest. Reporter knocked on the door, the face a little thin, keep the flat head of a young man claiming to be named Shi Maria, BMW is his car. He repeatedly stressed that "I really did not drive a car, driving on behalf of open, she ran ......" In the car,golden goose sneakers, a man seemingly BMW owners Hastening friend, but did not disclose any circumstances. However, several of the brother in a traffic accident and witnesses have said that after the accident just happened, only to see the name of Shih stepped down from the BMW car, the car is no second person. After the site survey is completed, the traffic police will be taken to the hospital for blood tests BMW owners.


15:00 yesterday, reporters at the Shangri-La hotel for driving services on behalf of the hotel,fendi occhiali da sole, the staff said, not on behalf of the driving services Shangri-La Hotel. Reporters also learned from the insider Office, BMW owners have a name applied to the superior Sichuan Sichuan Thailand and Africa trenchless technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in a number of major projects. Currently, the specific cause of the accident is still under police investigation.

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Reporter Zhang Wei Yu Wenlong Xiashu Wei Lu Xianglong photography

asked Dec 8, 2015 by anonymous

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