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Shaoguan BEIJING, August 19  <a href="http://www.laurasmith.it/hogan-donna/">hogan donna</a> (by Feng Chang Liao Zhif <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/chapeau-47brand/">chapeau 47brand</a> eng Chen Jizong) only because the heap rubbed dog pulls, put the dog's owner was beaten to death. County occurred in Shaoguan this new homicide cases, the local police i <a href="http://www.analiticastrumenti.it/moncler-prezzi-donna/">moncler prezzi donna</a> n just more than ten hours will be detected. 18,hogan donna, intentional homicide suspects 郑某伟 County public security organs under the new powerful offensive,chapeau 47brand, 12 hours after the incident gave himself up.

19, Zheng Mouwei suspicion of manslaughter by a new County <a href="http://www.matelashr.fr/asics-gel-lyte/">asics gel lyte</a>  police criminal detention.

At 9:10 on August 18 Xu, the new County Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public warning,moncler prezzi donna, said Huang high Ca group fighting occurred in the town village one case, a 60-year-old lady is playing the same village 郑某伟He died in sun valley aerodromes.

Alarm, the Bureau immediately start the murder investigation mechanism,asics gel lyte, Ca station director Huang Wei Zou Kai led the police rushed to the scene,hollister nantes, counties, political commissar Hu UN Deputy Secretary Tan Tiansheng,peuterey ebay, Ouyang calendar,swarovski boucles d'oreilles, 潘小 can wait Bureau immediately drove to the scene to organize investigation.

It witnessed the masses, the <a href="http://www.adriendubois.fr/hollister-nantes/">hollister nantes</a>  same day 8:40 Xu, Zheng Mouwei (male 38 years old, who lives in the new County town Gao Qun Huang Village Ca) found to have a dog urinated in sun valley floor of the valley heap,converse negras, then Chi Gun chased. The same village 64 years 郑某娣 see their own dog was chased, that altercation with 郑某伟 happen, then the two sides more noise the more fierce,jordan basket, 郑某娣 will be in sun valley floor to pick up a hoe want to play 郑某伟. No shot, hoe was 郑某伟 wins out, 郑某伟 and brutally in the head with a hoe toward 郑某娣 Bash few,veste jordan, instantly fell to the ground dead, then fled the mountains behind the village.

To catch the murderer as soon as possible, the new County Public Security Bureau set up headquarters at the scene to carry out detective work. While doing remedial work, to prevent deterioration of the situation,golden goose deluxe brand, while the council drawn from various kinds of police and yellow Ca town government elite forces, more than 60 people, divided into site survey group,chaussure nike pas cher, into the mountains searching for groups to investigate access group, set up road deck,golden goose sneakers francy, surveillance work group,felpe abercrombie, family members of the Working Group and other groups to carry out investigation work. New County Public Security Bureau and government leaders personally yellow Ca town to suspect 郑某伟 work home to do their families,golden goose donna, for support with the public security organs.

Police laid a dragnet, the suspect 郑某伟 had to walk along the path to the mountains after th <a href="http://www.elettromarnate.it/peuterey-ebay/">peuterey ebay</a> e village under near Wengyuan County Ca,louboutin promo, then fled by car dragon fairy town Wengyuan its sister home to hide. Under his sister and mother persuaded night 8:40,tout pour bébé, Zheng Mouwei walked Wengyuan County Public Security Bureau attached to the city police station to surrender. That night, was escorted back to the new Xinfeng County police for further examination.

The case is still under further investigation.


 Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views,asics gel lyte 3 pas cher, nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents,louboutin femme prix, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise,golden goose sito ufficiale, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.

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asked Dec 9, 2015 by anonymous

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