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armani occhiali da vista who have not a penny.

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Since Yang uncle unable to speak, only to find the brother to write <a href="http://www.icgiovannipaoloii.it/giubbotti-peuterey/">giubbotti peuterey</a>  a note.

Time: January 19 (Saturday) <a href="http://www.gauche28.fr/rayban-lunette-de-soleil/">rayban lunette de soleil</a>  around 15:00


Location: Jiangbei District leech Liang Jialing six villages Wharf area outside their homes


Procedure: a coma octogenarian sent to Chongqing Pulmonary


Features: middle-aged,giu <a href="http://www.analiticastrumenti.it/moncler-piumini/">moncler piumini</a> bbotti peuterey, exercise Chongqing accent


Active Park sent to the hospital in a coma for the elderly, their own money to help register, before leaving,rayban lunette de soleil, also took 200 yuan emergency ...... "special account after the father woke up, be sure to find the kind of brother." Yesterday,moncler piumini, who lives in Jiangbei District leech beam Yang Ting Shan say, the current situation has improved rescue his father, lying on the bed eager  <a href="http://www.espacelavy.fr/lunette-oakley/">lunette oakley</a> to find benefactors.


Octogenarian cell fainting

 ,lunette oakley;

Daughter emergency call 120 for help


Yesterday, the God of Surgery,swarovski occhiali da sole, Daping Hospital Area C 24, 81 years old Yang Zumin injured his condition has stabilized.


杨祖民 eldest daughter,moncler prezzi scontati, Yang Ting Shan said, January 19 (Saturday) around 15 o'clock, the old father in the leech 梁嘉陵 six villages on the 11th Wharf walking home district, walked bloated.


Yang Ting Shan rushed down the stairs, his father has been lying on the ground, some in a coma. She immediately dialed 120, and the side of the road in the cell doors and other emergency vehicles.


Columbia active parking away


Stop all the way to comfort families


When Yang Ting Shan eagerly waiting for an ambulance justified, a taxi drove up. Yang Ting Shan did not move the car, but the car suddenly stopped at the side.


"Come quick,giuseppe zanotti sandal, I was empty, got in the car." Brother against Yang Ting Shan cried. "I  <a href="http://www.tiarnodisopra.it/swarovski-occhiali-da-sole/">swarovski occhiali da sole</a> hit 120." Yang Ting Shan replied. "120 is also a waste of time to open up,giuseppe zanotti, I drove directly passed." The brother said.


"Wood (stay) from doing child  Come to the elderly get on the train!" See Yang Ting Shan also stay there, the brother off to help.

 ,cinture ferragamo;

"Do not worry, the elderly to this age, more or less this is the case." The brother while driving comfort Yang Ting Shan. A few minutes later,chaussure air max, a taxi to the nearby Chongqing Pulmonary. Before you contact a good emergency room doctors and nurses have been waiting at the door.


Brother take the initiative to register

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Before leaving back to 200 yuan emergency

 ,abercrombie milano orari;

"The old man fall, may cause intracranial hemorrhage require immediate examination." Dr. Jiao Yang Ting Shan hurry to register. Yang Ting Shan they recovered themselves down too fast did not change clothes, who have not a penny.


At this time, the brother took the initiative to register a single, asked Yang uncle's name and ID number turned to registration, "I'll help you emergency!" A minute later, the brother hung numbers will list to the doctor.

 ,tiffany outlet;

Yang Ting Shan anxiously watching his father make checks in the emergency outdoor. . "You almost have to deal with here, I want to go back to work," the man when away from the bag and pulled out 200 dollars and handed Yang Ting Shan,louboutin paris, also asked: "enough "

 ,piumini moncler;

Asked the old man woke up after children


Be sure to find the kind of brother


"And his father checked settled, I remembered a brother this thing." Yang Ting Shan said,woolrich bologna, because they have been scared went to pieces, did not expect to stay relevant information kindly brother. "Just remember the driver was a middle-aged man, Chongqing accent." Subsequently, Yang Ting Shan will continue his father transferred to Daping Hospital for treatment.


"  I still owe you 213 yuan,hogan uomo, the kind of brother where are you," Yang Ting Shan said, from home a taxi to the hospital did no <a href="http://www.yachtsnet.it/moncler-prezzi-scontati/">moncler prezzi scontati</a> t jump word, fare 8 yuan; hospital registration fee of five yuan, the former brother go to 200 yuan, a total of 213 yuan.


"My father heard about it after waking, so I have to find a brother." Yang Ting Shan said his father was once the old police Shangqingsi police station,asics femme, a man of integrity. He repeatedly asked the children, do put people to find. Old daughter wrote a note back: "pay back the money as soon as possible to find the brother to thank him."


It is reported that Yang uncle some head congestion, but not serious, are being observed,moncler sito ufficiale, as is the case well soon discharged.


Chongqing Evening News reporter Zhu Jun
asked Dec 9, 2015 by anonymous

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