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hogan scarpe China Normal University campus plastered with "wanted"

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Posters plastered thief Chin <a href="http://www.albisolafondocasa.it/hogan-uomo/">hogan uomo</a> a Normal University City. Long-Off camera

Information Times <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/swarovski-collane/">swarovski collane</a>  (reporter HUANG Ting-first) Recently, the China division of University City campus,hogan uomo, plastered "wanted", after a teacher was stolen belongings million students by video  <a href="http://www.yachtsnet.it/moncler-wikipedia/">moncler wikipedia</a> shots,swarovski collane, "human flesh" search for the thief. For personal behavior on campus posting photos of others things is involved 侵犯肖像权,moncler wikipedia, lawyers believe that if the shots and steal the fact that consistent,fendi lunette de soleil, did not cause the infringement; if you steal those people are not posted,gucci occhiali da vista, it violated the right of reputati <a href="http://www.looxbycamille.fr/fendi-lunette-de-soleil/">fendi lunette de soleil</a> on.


China Normal University campus plastered with "wanted"


Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to China Normal University City campus, see the teaching area, living area, a pedestrian bridge piers are close to a "wanted", the title and some write "chase you to the horizon," and some write "Find Zeidan package days of dirty man "and so on. General content is: the teacher before class toilet on the occasion, a man entered the classroom to steal, steal the teacher's mobile hard disk and nearly a million property.


"Warrant" also provides incident on video shots, show at 14:14 on April 28,cinture chrome hearts, a young man wearing jeans and casual clothes, wearing dark glasses,piumini moncler outlet, twice stole the teacher out of the classroom door property.

 ,zanotti homme;

Party Teacher: ten thousand yuan of stolen property


To contact the reporter on  <a href="http://www.eulda.it/gucci-occhiali-da-vista/">gucci occhiali da vista</a> the phone a party to the teacher,louboutin, she recalled, when the day came home to find that the class package all lost items,hogan outlet, including million in property and equipped with scientific information and other personal data of mobile hard disk. Watch the video to school security office, only to find her in the bathroom under the hand of thieves. After the incident, the teacher reported.

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The teacher said that the issue on campus posted the video shots, she had felt wrong. But students say the thief can not condone,nike, the matter should be made public. So, they wash out the video shots and made into "wanted",air max 90, and in May 1 start posting.


The teacher said,louboutin femme prix, do not rule out the thief who is outside. If you are a student, she hopes to downplay, giving students the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. The reporter then interviewed in the China division,nike pas chère, most students think is understandable. He said the university town thieves rampant, should give a little lesson.


Lawyer: posted photos of alleged copyright infringement


However,louboutin pas cher, there are some students I think posting video shots of behavior alleged infringement. In this regard, Guangdong Sheng Lun Law Firm lawyer said the main Ren Xiaosheng,escarpins louboutin, posting video concerned,woolrich uomo, should look into two. From the motivation point of view, only to quickly catch the thief, not for libel, if the video capture is consistent with the fact that theft,chapeau nfl, the infringement did not cause the behavior. However, if the video capture is wrong, when that is not posted by stealing character,maillot basket, will be held on the violation of the right of reputation responsibility.

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