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ceinture burberry the police immediately retake revolver and arrested him.

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Legal Evening News (Reporter Jia <a href="http://www.gauche28.fr/ceinture-france/">ceinture france</a> ng Qingyang) Two passenger dispute, police on duty rushed to de <a href="http://www.nicolascosco.fr/louboutin-boutique/">louboutin boutique</a> al with, I did not expect one of the female passengers will police revolver away, but fortunately the police quickly recaptured guns, and and auxiliary police, staff will grab gun  <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/cappelli-last-kings/">cappelli last kings</a> to control. After identification,ceinture france, the woman suffering from depression, are limited criminal responsibility. "Legal Evening News" reporter was informed that morning, the Court of First Instance to snatch firearms sentenced Ali (a pseudonym) 4 years in prison.


Court found,louboutin boutique, July 25,cappelli last kings, 2014 10 am, 39-year-old woman in the Beijing Railway Station Ali 7th floor wa <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/louis-vuitton-bracciali/">louis vuitton bracciali</a> iting room, and guests Zhang quarrel, tussle. Beijing Railway Station Beijing Railway Police Department police station rushed to the scene Ding.


When Ding dealing with disputes, Ali with his right hand will be worn on the right side of the waist 丁某佩 revolver pulled from the holster, the police immediately retake revolver and arrested him.


Ding testimony that he was in Beijing for duty station received the alarm, saying that within the 7th floor waiting room there are two passengers in dispute, he rushed to the scene disposal. The two sides quarrel in stopping when he stopped by the parties with open arms, this time, it is not prepared to take advantage of Ali, which is worn on the right side of his waist pull revolver holster,louis vuitton bracciali, Ding Mouli namely recapture approached the revolver,céline occhiali da sole, and and Auxiliary and control stations militia Ali.


Ali snatch revolver <a href="http://www.tiarnodisopra.it/celine-occhiali-da-sole/">céline occhiali da sole</a> , the pistol holster in the locked state, the pistol insured is disabled.

 ,rayban occhiali da vista;

Guest dispute with Ali testimony occurred Zhang said the day he and his girlfriend and his girlfriend with his family in Beijing railway station, ready to take the train to Beidaihe.


In the first 7 waiting room waiting, Zhang buy a drink, came back to see the Ali family quarrel with his girlfriend, Zhang see Ali to beat children,adidas, they quarrel with Ali,ed hardy bracelets, he blows up, after the police arrived on the scene the Ali opened. Ali stood the police right rear, suddenly the waist with his right hand to the police to pull out a gun, the police immediately approached the Ali press down on the ground,woolrich outlet online, put the gun down wins.


According to several passengers and station staff testimony at the scene dealing with disputes have police Ding,hermes bracelets, two militiamen and one auxiliary police.


Staff responsible for order in the Beijing Railway Station patrol Liang and certain testimony that at the time the two are patrolling the station,hogan uomo outlet, heard the radio call with a staff waiting room 7 was a fight,escarpin louboutin occasion, they arrived at the scene and saw a woman being and A male passenger tear, they approached the two men opened, after Ding Mou duty police arrived. Ali stood on the right side the police, Zhang stand on the left side of the police. Just when the police persuasion, Ali lifted his right hand grabbed the gun, the police turned the Ali press down on the ground,zanotti pas cher, put a gun to regain.


Identification of submissions Zhenjiang City Mental Health Center outpatient chronic archives and Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, Division of Forensic mental illness issued show Ali in April 2012 was diagnosed with depression, was identified as recurrent depression,hogan sito ufficiale, commit <a href="http://www.icmarcallo.it/rayban-occhiali-da-vista/">rayban occhiali da vista</a> ted offenses,ceinture burberry, the identification and control is not complete, is a limited criminal responsibility.


In the trial, Ali said he does not constitute a crime.

 ,louboutin pas cher;

The defender believes that Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, issued by the mental illness of Forensic submissions samples is not sufficient, not objective appraisal untrue,giuseppe zanotti, finds Ali is limited criminal responsibility can not serve as a basis for judgment.


Providing multiple defenders evidence when Ali committed offenses can not identify and control their own behavior, made false confession of guilt,golden goose sneakers, and Ali's application for re-identification of criminal responsibility, which is identified in the implementation of offense absolutely no criminal responsibility, not criminally responsible, Ali guilty.


However, the court adopted the defense is not advice. The court held that when Ali police duties, police snatch firearms, their actions endanger the public safety,swarovski lunette de soleil, and constituted snatch firearms. In view of the implementation of snatch firearms behavior when Ali belongs limited criminal responsibility,louboutin soldes, the court would reduce the punishment. Court of First Instance to snatch firearms and sentenced to 4 years in prison Ali.

asked Dec 11, 2015 by anonymous

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