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peuterey 2015 out of the endorsement fees of up to several million dollars

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<a href="http://www.aeffenautica.it/peuterey-2/">peuterey</a> Firmly fixed 8.28  <a href="http://www.grandepharma.fr/converse-enfant/">converse enfant</a> tons Mara luxury bus. He Jian Ma courtesy

Zhuzhou newspaper (R <a href="http://www.achiamata.it/moncler-sito-ufficiale/">moncler sito ufficiale</a> eporter correspondent Li Chunpu Liugui Dan) May 25, 2009,peuterey, HE Jian Ma Youxian people with an "iron fat" 8.28 tons of pulling a luxury bus, breaking the previous years by the British holding guitar Nice world record ( <a href="http://www.icgiovannipaoloii.it/peuterey/">peuterey</a> newspaper has reported.) With the CCTV "honest variety" section of this legendary full taped, He Jian Ma became well-known local figures. Over the past three years, how is his life  Reporter yesterday interviewed the Warren.


He had refused several million dollars in endorsement fees


Seems to be an overnight success, and now walking in the street,converse enfant, often someone will recognize HE Kennedy horse out and asked its signature. He also became a strong horse competing provinces and cities nationwide television stations invited guests, most of the provinces in the country h <a href="http://www.confidace.it/">hogan scarpe</a> ave left his presence.


Although a name, but for the fame to give the "benefit",moncler sito ufficiale, He Jian Ma but politely declined the invitation. Guangdong has two companies, one is shoes manufacturer, a shampoo maker, have found the image of He Jian Ma do speak,peuterey, out of the endorsement fees of up to several million dollars,hogan scarpe, but Madu Jian Jian He never refused. "They want me to say all these years has been to wear their shoes,louboutin paris femme, with their shampoo, I do not want to tell lies some money. I do not lack food and clothing, I do not do such a thing." He had no regrets Ma Jian said.


Life immersed in calligraphy and collections


In 2010, in the Henan TV to record TV programs, He Jian, Ma met with CCTV,woolrich outlet online, "Kam-Po" section Wang Lijun,cinture milano, Cai sound and several other cultural relics experts. He previously strong horse like the collection,giuseppe zanotti homme, make a professional,louboutin femme prix, he's more interested up. With the help of experts, He Jian Ma learned a lot,scarpe hogan uomo, CCTV,moncler pas cher, "Kam-Po" column group had invited him several ti <a href="http://www.omegasushi-paris.fr/louboutin-paris-femme/">louboutin paris femme</a> mes to go on the show as a guest.

 ,giuseppe zanotti sneakers;

Seemingly Wudasancu He Jian Ma, or calligraphy lovers. Today, often the unit, a friend invited him to conduct exchanges and calligraphy show.


We insist on practicing every day, "on top of Kung Fu"


48-year-old Ma Jian He still insisted to practice every day. Interestingly, He Jian Ma thirty-five years never stopped practicing since childhood,parajumpers denali, had just wanted to use the practice to treat hereditary hair bald, but not wanted, this head of hair actually really achievements of the "top of Kung Fu." Fame, a lot of people specifically looking for him to ask for advice recipe for hair loss treatment practice.


Challenge CCTV column group had several times asked him to challenge his own Guinness world record,hogan online, which he felt like a speculation, not necessary, it refused. The current Guinness World Record for hair pulling carts or maintained by the HE Jian Ma,louboutin chaussures, in recent years the United Kingdom,abercrombie shop online, the United States,asics kinsei, India,abercrombie felpe, the challenge He held the world record of strong horse without success. "Unless there is a foreigner to break my record, I would call, glory for the country." He Jian Ma said.

asked Dec 13, 2015 by anonymous

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