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 Incident 安宏,c <a href="http://www.gauche28.fr/ceinture-gucci/">ceinture gucci</a> einture  <a href="http://www.noch-mal-leben.it/profumo-abercrombie/">profumo abercrombie</a> gucci;基,profumo abercrombie; rental nearby industrial zone,hogan sito ufficiale. Noble Bin Photo

Until December  <a href="http://www.natusest.it/hogan-sito-ufficiale/">hogan sito ufficiale</a> 16, Xiao Fei (a pseudonym) has spent a month at the police station and detention center. At 10:00 on March 17, police said, a woman was raped it,chaussures converse, put him in a police car sent just two days ago the farmers rented room away. Xiaofei Jian said the woman because of trade disputes with its own police retaliat <a href="http://www.montgitemichel.fr/chaussures-converse/">chaussures converse</a> ion. The identity of the woman due to a case not yet entered the stage of the proceedings and confusing. The case has been transferred to the pre-trial division processing Bao'an District Public Security Bureau.

Man said the two sides negotiated price

Xiao Fei, 23, a barber. Agent case relayed to reporters Luo Xiao Fei lawyer memories.

March 16 evening 12:00,trainer adidas, Xiao Fei know a woman dancing in the ballroom Dragon Emperor Longhua bus station next to Xiao Fei motorbike to take her for a ride. The woman claiming to be in the way Dragon Emperor Zuotai, including night 1000 yuan. They later negotiated price 500 yuan,woolrich outlet, he came to Baoan Big Wave Shaw lived peasant floor. Women began to refuse to go  <a href="http://www.natusest.it/trainer-adidas/">trainer adidas</a> upstairs, Xiao Fei commitment to give 200 yuan later, the woman was promised. After the door, for fear of stealing the woman, Xiao Fei to lock the door and hide the key. Two of the relationship between the two has occurred.

4:00, the woman's sister calls to Shaw sent her back, the woman then asked to go. Xiao Fei said that now go back only to 200 yuan,basket louboutin, the woman refused to accept,spaccio woolrich bologna, they therefore tussle. Calm down, the woman to Xiao Fei said, "I will let you die miserable." March 17 morning, Xiao Fei said no money, the women took 200 dollars left, then alarm. Around 10:00, Xiao Fei was taken away by big waves police station.

Before the incident with his wife trouble

According to Shaw's sister introduced half a month before his brother saw his wife and another man out in pairs, he kicked a pass,swarovski occhiali da sole, he moved farmer living room around March 14 alone. He always said that a few days would like to find a girlfriend, heard him mention money to find Miss. Xiao Fei before the incident in fantastic shape barber shop job, because no living quarters,louis vuitton bracelets, the clerk of the two or three months to come colleagues the impression is not deep, but said people feel quite honest.

"Handshake floor can hear shouts"

Reporters arrived at noon on the 17th incident 安宏;基; Industrial Zone B 145 栋 peasant house visits, Xiao Fei lived 809 rooms have been occupied, farmers on both sides of the room no more than 2 meters apart. "In th <a href="http://www.mafaldacommunity.it/woolrich-outlet/">woolrich outlet</a> is building shake hands,scarpe hogan, if you really rape,moncler milano, nearby residents will not hear the woman shouting " Questioned Lo. Since a month before the incident, local residents said this was unclear. Lo also questioned,asics running homme, "the 8th floor so a long way, if the woman's resistance,bracciale tiffany, will successfully enter room "

Reporter to the Emperor Dragon ballroom investigation, a staff member said, the woman's situation is not clear,moncler outlet milano, did not accompany the guests introduced ballroom lady, managers have not heard a staff report being raped.

Lo told reporters that because the case has not been transferred Procuratorate or court, the case is unknown woman. Xiao Fei's sister then said that he had to find the relevant parties by the police to negotiate with that woman, "the other side to the 2 men and 3 women, opening necessary 40,000 yuan, we propose only to 10,000 yuan, the other party does not agree,hogan junior, the two men left I left a cell phone number, and now also been shut down. "

 ,cinture d;

 Disclaimer: This article represents only the personal views,new balance outlet, nothing to do with Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents,cappelli last kings, text authenticity, completeness,d
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