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and said that if the owners mind this

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(Reporter intern r <a href="http://www.maritimeoiljobs.com/cgi-maritimeoiljobs/news-clip.pl?n=30">http://www.maritimeoiljobs.com/cgi-maritimeoiljobs/news-clip.pl?n=30</a> eporter Kara Wang Li Yu Tung) Long-term support of <a href="http://blackbaseball-abc.com">http://blackbaseball-abc.com</a>  school two teachers driving a motorcycle in a car accident,http://www.maritimeoiljobs.com/cgi-maritimeoiljobs/news-clip.pl?n=30, Yizhuang Green Town Charity Fund raising in the community forum called. But afterwards the fund management committe <a href="http://www.ildenarohome.it">hogan outlet</a> e found that the Department of the injured teacher drunk driving without a license. CMC decided to post an apology and expressed refundable. "It is an accident, no one asked back." Yesterday, Ms. Zhao said the fund participants, there are still people willing to contribute to save lives.
Green Town Charity Fund is a charity organization self-organized residential property owners, concerned about two aspects of student welfare and medical assistance.
Letter for help
The ev <a href="http://mbng.hantasy.com">http://mbng.hantasy.com</a> ening of February 29, Green Town community forums, Green Town Charity Fund sent a letter for help, the letter is sent Laiyuan a village primary school. The letter said the school principal and the young Liu Yan teacher,http://blackbaseball-abc.com, work his way back to school riding a motorcycle traffic accident. Both treatment costs are spent 35,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, need follow-up treatment. Two teachers in addition to the meager salary, the family has no other source of income.
The school began in 2004 due to receive funding Green Town Charity Fund, the Fund Management Committee in the day by a special resolution, allocated 35,000 yuan, even so,hogan outlet,http://mbng.hantasy.com, still not enough medical expenses. To this end,air max 90 pas cher,http://permred66.ocnk.net, Green Town has launched a fund called directed donation. Post is published, many owners are required to contribute.
March 1, the fund management committee members, "Greene owner (network name)," with a pre Hu raised 45,000 yuan donations arrived first hospital in Baoding, visit the trea <a href="http://www.toutpourchien.fr">air max 90 pas cher</a> tment of two young teachers.
Unexpected twist
March 12, the district forum, caring Progress Fund Management Committee issued an informed contribution to the owner to apologize. It turned out that after the donation initiated, the CMC found that the two teachers were injured and drunk driving a motorcycle without a license related. CMC worry, "drunk driving" "unlicensed" and other words, to make contributions to the inhabitants disappointed,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/denim-33.html, and said that if the owners mind this, contributions can be refunded.
"We are well aware of the headmaster, to help them just to help an old friend, so initially did not think too much." Ms. Zhao said fund participants. She said that in the CMC opinion, regardless of drink and not drink,http://www.casebook.jp,veste canada goose, two teachers need the money. And in the countryside,louboutin homme, driving without a license are common, "We do not want to judge."
But whether this episode would like to publicly fund-raising, fund management committee had a long discussion. Ms. Zhao said, the Council had been worried about the impact the Fund's credibility, withholding information may make things simple, but to do public service can not be concealed. "If this thing is the loss of credibility,http://www.hubal.bialystok.pl, but not worth it."
Eventually, the CMC decided to open this case. Zhao believes that this is the person in charge of the donation,http://www.m-pep.org/spip.php?article4015, but also about the transparency of the Fund.
"We issued a letter of apology also quite unexpected,louboutin outlet, not a refund." Zhao believes that this reflects everyone forgiving heart.
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asked Dec 19, 2015 by anonymous

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