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swarovski collane Phoenix town government

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Dozens of schools double product n <a href="http://www.tecnologiebiomediche.it/moncler-piumini/">moncler piumini</a> inth grade students sitting in unfinished classrooms. (South China Sea Net <a href="http://www.ymcmbcasquette.fr/moncler-pas-cher/">moncler pas cher</a> work reporter Dengsong it) has not been completed within the students sitting in a classroom. (South China Sea Network reporter Dengsong She) through p <a href="http://www.lingualjet.fr/louboutin-paris-pas-cher/">louboutin paris pas cher</a> ersuasion, students leave illegally built buildings. (South China Sea Network reporter Dengsong) at 9:30 on the 1st, the law enforcement authorities to demolish illegal construction on this building. (South China Sea Network reporter Dengsong She)

South China Sea Network Sanya August 1 news (South China Sea Network reporter Deng Song) August 1 morning, is located in Sanya City, Jiefang extended school sound of reading aloud double product segments <a href="http://www.erikoislukiot.com/tag/parajumpers-vest/">parajumpers vest</a> . 6:30 in the morning, Sanya City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau to prepare for school buildings housed illegal construction be dismantled according to the law, the school has organized hundreds of students entering the ninth grade obstruction unfinished construction site. A teacher at the school said in an interview, which is organized by the school "love school action." It is understood that, at present,moncler piumini, Sanya police, Phoenix town government,moncler pas cher, the EDB has been involved in the investigation.

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According to Sanya City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau law enforcement personnel,parajumpers vest, behind the high school dual product 6-storey building area of 4,200 square meters is the school without approval,louboutin femme, arbitrarily constructed. In early 2013, law enforcement officers found illegal construction of the sch <a href="http://www.demangeau.fr/louboutin-femme/">louboutin femme</a> ool, issued a notice ordered rectification several times, but the site several times and then return to work stoppages.


According to the school ninth-grade physics teacher Mr. Gong said, is to repair the building for preparation when the classroom, ready in September this year and put into use, in order to improve students' learning environment.

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1,tiffany collane, at 7 pm,new balance enfant, the South China Sea Network reporter into the school teaching building unfinished see that because the site has not been completed, there is no classroom desks and chairs, blackboards and no podium. Within six classrooms on the 3rd floor, more than 100 students sitting in his chair or stool reading moved. According to several student reports,converse blanche, around 6:00 this morning,chaussures louboutin, they summoned here, but here is not the usual school classrooms.


"Our organization today is to teach students to come to school they care for us." According to Mr. Gong introduction,hogan online, the co-organization 120 ninth-grade students to come here, is a love school action. "We want students to know, to love our school and the new school building." But in an interview, Mr. Gong also said that organizing students into the unfinished construction site, there is indeed a security risk.


According to law enforcement personnel,louboutin femme prix, the buildings housing or quality problems have been signs of subsidence after law enforcement inspection found that in building a building,converse baratas, the construction of a number of new workers in cement pillars roof beam ceiling.


According to the school teacher who asked not to be named to the South China Sea Network reporter frankly, they also know that the building for illegal construction,converse gris clair, law enforcement agencies will eventually demolish the buildings, but they organize students into the school bui <a href="http://www.tiarnodisopra.it/cappelli-jordan/">cappelli jordan</a> lding is led by "indication." "We are working,chapeau adidas, and they (the school) Let us, can we not come "


Law enforcement officials said the original plan on at 6:30 on the 1st of the implementation of demolition of illegal construction here, but because of the number of teachers and students do not leave in the building,chapeau nhl, enforcement action was postponed.


At 9:30 on the 1st, after grooming advised to leave, students leave illegally built buildings, law enforcement officers began to demolish illegal buildings.


It is understood that,cinture ferragamo, at present,woolrich roma, Sanya police, Phoenix town government,louboutin discount, the Bureau has been involved in two-goods schools organize students into the unfinished building issue.

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(Original title: Sanya: Two hundred students entered the school organization products illegally built to obstruct law enforcement)

asked Dec 20, 2015 by anonymous

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