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cappelli nhl I found it in the slot table legs and the wall

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Guo public yesterday in microblogging said,zanotti hom <a href="http://www.chris-bio.fr/zanotti-homme/">zanotti homme</a> me, within October 3 to 5,abercrombie and fitch, <a href="http://www.adriendubois.fr/abercrombie-and-fitch/">abercrombie and fitch</a>  three days, within Qing Zhiyuan Xicheng district has nearly 20 dogs killed one after another, suspected human poisoning. Currently, the police have been investigating the <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/oakley-lunette-de-vue/">oakley lunette de vue</a>  matter.

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Dogs have been violent death


According to residents, Ms. Lu introduction, October 3, at 7 pm, their own 11-month-old poodle suddenly spit and pull, then eyes Dengyuan, fall to the ground twice after barking. After reaching the pet hospital, she was told it was poisoning symptoms, it has been unable incorrigible. In Ms. Lu's begged, vets Poodle hit three-pin and two bottle go le <a href="http://www.acmif85.fr/ceinture-stefano-ricci/">ceinture stefano ricci</a> thal,ceinture stefano ricci, but transfusion has not been completed, the dog just swallowed air. Ms. Lu had no intention quiet, but on the 4th morning she discovered that this is not their own encounter misfortune. "I go out to exercise,air max one, to see everyone get together to say, there are people crying, he asked to know the family dogs are poisoned, probably only seven or eight."


According to residents, Ms. Kang recalled, the 3rd evening out the door,louboutin paris, their own 2-year-old Teddy dog appeared vomiting, she just thought it was uncomfortable to eat dog did not care, about one hour after the dog has been home to see body. "It can be seen rattling around,occhiali da vista, and uncomfortable does not know where to hide that, I found it in the slot table legs and the wall,zanoti, the Sizhuang particularly miserable." She also said,louboutin soldes, observed their vomit and excrement are abnormal, "sticky, also with a s <a href="http://www.pixelimage34.fr/air-max-one/">air max one</a> tench."

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According to the residents say, a 7-year-old female Doberman was the first victim, 3 evening 6:00, when it fell to the ground without warning lawn playing downstairs, four legs kicking straight, foaming at the mouth. Master Zhao said, "I see that this is poisoned, the cell last year and May this year, such a thing happened."


Residents Guo said that people do not like or even hate the dog, some dog owner uncivilized indeed annoying, "but the way to poison animals slaughtered innocent, cruel people means it is difficult to accept."


Residents fear children eating


According to the residents say that cell the night from 3 to 5 days earlier,louboutin pas cher, nearly 20 dogs died of poisoning, only a successful rescue. According to the residents said the accident the dog's breed, age vary, struggling performance deathbed also vary,air max rose, the only common denominator is that they have a few hours before the poison center downstairs garden or green dog, but no route clear rules to follow, during which it did not find a pet you eat something.


However, in order to prevent a tragedy from happening again, many dog owners do not have to tell the neighbors recently walking the dog,bvlgari bracciali, but they are more worried about the possibility of poison wounding. Ms. Lu said, "cell more children,adidas paris, who when playing fumble poking, do not care to get the poison into his mouth how to do "


The police have been involved in the investigation

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More than sad,moncler bambino, some of the residents questioned the property management. "Originally we here should be closed cell, but now a push to open the door, outsiders can easily come in." Ms. Kang said with exasperation.


In this regard,costume boss, the residential property company duty officer said, the dog violent death has nothin <a href="http://www.innovation-rouen.fr/louboutin-paris/">louboutin paris</a> g to do with the property put rat poison or spraying pesticides, now the matter has been reported superiors, and posting notices to remind dog owners of attention to prevention, and will actively cooperate with the police retrieved surveillance video. And entrance poor management issues,asics gel lyte 3 femme pas cher, the staff said, the movement of persons more holiday visiting friends, outsiders can only take note.

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It is understood that yesterday afternoon, Baizhifang Qing Zhiyuan district police station has to fieldwork, and draw Guo family of 10-year-old has not been cremated Doberman blood samples for further testing.


96101 Morning News site


Reporter iron Jin clue: Mr. Chen


(Original title: the district three days poisoning killed 20 dogs)

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