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LONDON Augu <a href="http://www.genova-meteo.it/golden-goose-sneakers-francy/">golden goose sneakers francy</a> s <a href="http://www.kidchoun.fr/moncler/">moncler</a> t 30 news: According to "Morning News" reported that recently, one is a district resident Shanghai Gaoping Road kitten posts on the network crazy p <a href="http://www.smsfoscolo.it/woolrich-uomo-ebay/">woolrich uomo ebay</a> ass. According to the quote about living in the district of a family, in front of the cat face, the five have not yet opened his eyes kitten fell to the ground. In just two days, the post has been forwarded more than 5000 times.


Morning News reporters Diao Cha and Fa Xian, child cat "culprit" turned out to be a 10- <a href="http://www.tiarnodisopra.it/cappelli-polo/">cappelli polo</a> year-old child.


Playback: 10-year-old boy even threw five kittens


This post attracted a lot of attention, most people blame the kitten who said such behavior too much,golden goose sneakers francy, is simply inhuman. And this from cat abuse incident is raised against the majority in the district.


Area residents told reporters, cat abuse occurred at around at 14:00 on August 27, and is a 10-year-old child should do. "Suddenly there is the district of cat screams, cries and looked down, a 10-year-old boy holding a new born kitten, we are having all the fun. He put the cat After the catch has been dying from the drawer, in the hands of back and forth play, then all of a sudden fell to the ground, the kitten to i <a href="http://www.dianaarmi.it/spaccio-hogan/">spaccio hogan</a> ssue several more screams. Then he picked up the other kittens, and fell heavily to the ground. They The mother is a black cat was scared, shivering, hiding deep in the bushes did not dare come out,moncler, only hoarse moaning. Before long, tired of the little boy, put five kittens whole throw. "Witnesses recalls.

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Tang aunt is the district where the cat lovers, According to her, this five kittens were born the night of August 25, "was cast when not open their eyes." She learned about the incident, immediately home to find the child's parents theory, the results of the other party to the "small children,cappelli polo, not sensible" as grounds for refusing to apologize,spaccio hogan, and accused the soup aunt fuss, "just cats only, it does not matter." Home for the elderly is guarding the children, shouting "Do not be scared child",magasin louboutin paris pas cher, while trying to shut the door. The two sides do not give, the more fierce quarrel, and even someone called the police.


In the quarrel process, the child has no openings, but also do not want to tell the soup aunt was hurled kitten place. Near several children, he said he saw the cat threw garbage bag next to the mailbox, but the soup aunt searched the entire area garbage bag, but could not find this five kittens.


When a reporter asked about the child's family kitten thing, they excitedly said, "no matter" and warned reporters, "Do not bother the."


Dispute: children are mixed views for <a href="http://www.etoile2mer.fr/magasin-louboutin-paris-pas-cher/">magasin louboutin paris pas cher</a>  residents

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Area residents are also talking about the matter, it was felt, the child is too small not naive,hogan rebel, because fun to catch a cat, may be the hands and feet did not light not heavy,abercrombie new york, it fell kitten. Some people think that throwing a kitten might be an accident,abercrombie bologna, but fell 5 cats in a row, that is, the intentional.

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"The children have been in elementary school, you should know the cat is alive, should not harm them." Residents said the area where there are a lot of stray cats, which children quite naughty, usually like to play catch cat, big cat run fast, and sometimes arrest people bite,ceinture hermes, he was not arrested, we can only play with the kitten. According to the age of the child, said the past few days did not see him come out to play, it seems to be the adult in the house.


[The experts]


■ Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Youth Research Institute director Yang Xiong

 ,doudoune moncler;

Through no fault of the child, because the child cognition 10-year-old has not been perfect, but now a lot of kids like to play electronic pets, killing games, in the virtual world, you can make a pet die re-raise, so that a character dies and rebirth. Children aged around not clearly distinguish between the virtual world and the real world, you may mistakenly think that in real life, but also allows the kitten died back to life. Therefore, in the West, there is the law that children under 12 can not be alone at home.


"Virtual world to bring adverse effects children, in fact, can be used to eliminate the reality of life education. Schools, families and society for the education of children in this age group should be specific. But in real life,peuterey online, children often Mathematical Olympiad,dior occhiali da sole, piano , surrounded by paintings and other interest groups,louboutin paris homme, lack of opportunity and the nature of the contact. Parents are often busy with work and neglect of children cognitive life, the protection of life education. In fact, it is a wake-up call, for children's education Very important, if not timely make up the lesson, the consequences could be disastrous. "Yang Xiong said.


■,soldes christian; Professor of Sociology Department of Fudan University in sea


From this number can be a reflection of the family, the school for children's education problem. "Personally, I do not want is a common phenomenon." At school, children are a lot of science education, but education is still lacking aspects of life, in teaching children to protect their own lives at the same time, whether it should lead them to protect other life  Parents words and deeds in life, for the child's teaching role is very important, adults should teach children to value life, rather than ignore life.


At the same time, we see a lot of games,scarpe hogan, movies, TV shows,louboutin soldes, etc.,converse basse, all contain its violent content. Since China has no rating system, children have easy access to them, th <a href="http://www.androidophile.fr/air-max-pas-cher/">air max pas cher</a> is will lead them to understand the life of bias. "I've seen a Canadian student, he found the bag has only insects, then carefully release the insects to get the door. If the Chinese students encounter such a thing, I do not know how they would deal with."


Early in 2005, Shanghai had been the implementation of "life education students in Shanghai Guidance Outline" the hope that through the establishment of schools, families, community resource sharing life education system, to guide and help students understand the value of life and sentiment, love of his life, Further respect, caring, appreciate the lives of others, to establish a positive outlook on life.


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