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When was the other cause is resigned to debt, grudge, together with others at <a href="http://www.my122.com/?action-viewcomment-itemid-88781">c14QQ841Vk</a> tack
Eight hours of the incident,c14QQ841Vk, the  <a href="http://www.ocbfi.fr">canada goose homme</a> police arrested four suspects houjie, the case in further investigation
Our reporter Han Yu
Yesterday morning, in the Houjie Liu Ha Village fence-British shoe factory tragedy occurred, Luo Fei plant employees and  in  <a href="http://www.agriturismoziaedda.it">moncler outlet online</a> front of the factory were four men armed with a knife stabbed,  after she died, Luo Fei hospitalized for serious injuries.
Only eight hours of the incident, police houjie four suspects successfully captured.
The police investigation, one of the suspects is actually Luo Fei and Tang Duhua former colleague Wang Mousong. According  account, when he resigned, Luo Fei and  its debts, let him do this grudge lead to bloodshed.
Two of four men armed with knives chopped
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7:50 yesterday, the British shoe factory employees gather began to work, employees suddenly heard a shrill cries, then saw four men are running to escape.
Quarters on the first floor of Paul  recalled, "I was upstairs in the morning, I heard a 'pound' voices downstairs and saw an employee in the tummy first floor staircase, the body is blood, want to go top of the stairs climb,canada goose homme, but had to climb no more. "
Deng Bo looked at this staff is Tangdou Hua. And another,moncler outlet online, Luo Fei fell to the ground clutching his chest being the boss Li Guomeng immediately sent two injured employees Houjie hospital.
Heard colleagues of the victims wept
After Houjie Hospital, Luo Fei twice in the body in no danger, but  but at one hour later closed his eyes forever. After flying Luo lying on the bed, he heard the news Tang Douhua rescue invalid death, emotional excitement began, could not help but burst into tears.
Luo Fei's brother Ho said, "the other first cu <a href="http://www.ufficioambientecastrovillari.it">hogan outlet</a> t Luo Fei, when Tang Douhua catch the murderer, was fatal knife stabbed the other side."
Wang Mousong and Cao Fei, Tang Douhua are only 20 years old.
In the eyes of the workers,z3Pm677pJ0,  is introverted colleagues, and people rarely speak, but a good man, usually the biggest hobby is watching in the phone books. As for the perpetrators Wangmou Song,, workers said mouthful of virtue, but it is hypocritical, the biggest hobby is like gambling.
 of  small Division,hogan outlet, said, "after Wang Mousong gambling losses, to Cao Fei,  borrowed money, Luo Fei have lent him 700 yuan,  borrowed 300 yuan. In addition, Wang Mousong A girl chasing, do not like him, Cao Fei and have emotional entanglements, which makes  grudge. "
Ho said, "After heard  to resign, expect him to wage settlement, Cao Fei told the boss said in mediation boss, Wang Mousong total also both of them 700 yuan, did not expect the next day it happen. "
8 hours successfully arrested four suspects
After the incident, Houjie Public Security Bureau immediately organized police force to carry out the work of investigating this case,LGE0nE4YcN, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon,vzpbTBCfER, in the Houjie Town Bridge Village, South Hills successfully four suspects arrested, this time from the time of the incident only eight hours.
After the trial, Wang Mousong confessed: its because Tang, Luo two debt disputes,piumini moncler, resentment, on July 5 in the evening light mustered a fellow Xiao Mougui, segments, Baimou Guo Cao Fei and  conspiracy revenge.
July 6 at 8 pm, while the other 4 people  Cao Fei and  on the way to work,ThnSsI29yD, armed with a knife stabbed the two men fled the scene after. Currently, the case is under further investigation.
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